Hi there!

I'm an experienced player from the Dutch server who's ready for some action on the EN server.

I've just started with my alliance 'Skyfall' on Gonnos.

* Your cities are in Ocean 35.
* The minimum amount of points must be around our average.
* Experience must be present, you need to know how to deal with all possible situations.
* Activity is checked, you must be online for minimum of twice a day.
* You threat others with respect.

Since we are not an MRA, recruiting is limited.
The limit is set at 25 members at the moment, this way we get to know each other better which will turn out to be positive in some situations.

Are you interested? Please leave a message below and I'll contact you in-game.

Best Regards,


Esca the Slave

Seems legit. Would love to co-operate with a alliance who know what they are doing. Stay alive out there and maybe soonly we will. The Ravens wishes you good luck!