Slap, in en101

Evil MeIinoe

Hey all,
Hope you're having a nice evening/morning :p

After a little thought process, I decided to reactivate Slap in en101.
For those who don't remember the settings, it's a world speed 1 and it's a revolt world.

Some of you might remember us from en96, but it looks like it'll be a new division made of completely different players besides myself and one other.
We will be jumping in at around 15:00 sever time, (uk time) hopefully aiming for ocean 56 (which is unlikely because the world is filling up slowly) so most likely ocean 55 will be our core.

Leave a message with me if you would like to jump in with us and fight alongside others in Slap, or drop down your Skype ID so I can add you to our group so we can arrange for you to drop in at the same time as other.