Slyther/n - Speed 2 Conquest World


So many people coming back from the dead that I hope Dai leads this.


I suggest we use Discord instead of Skype/WhatsApp, easy to set up, has mobile apps, way better for organising large number of people, setting up rooms with different topics (off-topic, attacks, announcements), you can ping any people, easier to share pictures etc, can get bots that will calculate stuff for u, dedicated voice channels you can opt into, runs better than skype, you can give people roles, and what they see and we can easily ping a certain role, e.g. Ocean 54 or something etc.

Just a suggestion tho wouldnt mind going back to the old school shiz


Hi Daizan. I've drifted away from Grepo during last years. I played against Venom on en14, and then with you and/or other the dudes in many words, different nicks. Lately played mostly in us-servers, but not much anything for some time. I'd like to play once more, but only in a team where fun (read killing, ATP) is over those wonders. Anyhow, it's your call.


I have been playing on and off for 7 years now, but just ha to remake my forum account( couldnt remember the old one) I prefer skype heavy alliances and would love this opportunity if possible.
Skype: hunter.mcfeely