Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 4th Edition: Chaose ensues in Smyrna


No they are you're completely off you're plate. I can tell you of the OA council (old or new) there is 1 player in zoo, who's not even in Zoo's council. Compare that to bloods who has (to the extent of my knowledge) at least 3 council members in Zoo, of which 2 are in the Zoo council, so you're arguing against yourself it doesn't make sense.

Maybe the same errors in zoo leadership explain the errors in bloods leadership? or maybe, maybe it's just another team and they're not worth comparing either? Idk you tell me...

BTW i thought you quit the game why you still on externals?
Bloods have a council? LOL Ruthie and Batman cant seriously be considered a council. I always pictured their discord as just a buncha mental midgets listening to the bloods song over and over, then again that is a fairly accurate description of fiasco discord lmao


the same leaders of doa/fans were in zoo for the most part, were they not?

is it the same leadership if im not there? think not.

player base for faster revolt worlds is extremely small, you will see almost the same faces in most premades, dont go thinking its the same team or same leadership.


Did bloods create the zoo and the OA players who **** talked them for 1 year joined and followed blood leadership? Or, did OA players created the alliance and invited some blood players as numbers?

Either way, why would they join blood leadership in the first case , or in the second case why would they invite blood players? What kind of decision was that anyways lmao.

and i like to pop in once or twice and see whats going on, giving myself false hopes that a good server will come up... just like the rest :D
Trying to get some juicy drama started on here, Klev? Just like old times huh, old friend? These new worlds just don't have that "umph" the old ones did.




ewww.. pls take your trash talk back to elis.. zoo has nothing to do with fans or bloods.. its a set of players coming together for new server.. like DOA came to elis , we were set of winning and loosing team combined as one, atleast we had respect for enemy and so was the case here whoever joined was with respect and to have some fun so dont compare elis with smyrna, both are totally different server with no legacy of blood or fan carried over but just respect for one another as a good player thats all