Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 6th Edition: Ghost Week

well too bad

Mostly Virgins is effectively dead
Quality over Quantity have secured a high percentage
Zoo gain some members
Virgins and what happened?

On a blissful evening, the Smyrnians wake up to see virgins running around. This resulted in 4 groups:
  • Joined Zoo
  • Joined QoQ
  • Remained in Virgins (active and inactive)
  • Ghosted
Although the Virgins were fairing well on the outside with an equal war score at the time, I have doubts about the inside. I have read some things on the world chat but I have not reached a conclusion as to what and why this has happened. If someone has additional information please do post below.

Now how does this affect Smyrna? This has bigger repercussions than when BSR caused the mess they did. If Virgins moved as one block and had one or even two directions it would be easier to decern the situation. In this case all the alliances and not just the big ones got ghosts. Additionally, the bigger players split between Zoo and Quality over Quantity. In terms of points, both alliances gained about the same amount of points from the Virgins move.
Quantity over Quality have gained even more domination percentage and are now easily above the 40% mark. Zoo on the other hand got some players which may help them fight back. We will have to see throughout the next week how good of a fight Zoo put up. For now and in my opinion, Quality over Quantity has won. I would have loved to see good fights being put up but sadly this was not the case.

Ghost Week:

This week has been easily the ghost week of this world. At least 10 players ghosted in the last 7-10 days. A couple ghosted from QoQ and more from Virgins. This caused some kind of ceasefire in the war. Everyone big or small was grabbing as many cities as they can.
Although there are some ghosts still around I expect the war to resume very soon. And now that there are only 2 major sides it will be clearer to see how much each side is progressing.

Current State+War Score:
map key-min.png
ghost grabbing.jpg

Thank you for reading. Next week will mark 2 weeks before the end of the server. I need you guys to think of names to enter the hall of fame and others to enter the hall of shame. The voting will open with the start of domination and end with its end.
You can start nominating the person to one of the following positions: (please limit all your knowledge of the players and reasons of nomination to this world)

Hall of Fame:
G.O.A.T: (Greatest of All Time) in correspondence to this world
Best Attacker:
Best Defender:
Best Supporter: (can be any kind of support)
Best non-golder:

Friendliest Player:

Hall of Shame:
Worst Player:
Worst Attacker:
Worst Defender:
Biggest Simmer:
Worst Golder:
Trashiest Player:

To nominate the person please write the position you are nominating them for and then your ingame name.
For eg: I nominate "xxx" for GOAT by "yyy"

Let's get some action going like en133. Not that I want to be hacked or anything...


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Hall of Fame:
G.O.A.T: (Greatest of All Time) in correspondence to this world
Best Attacker: @aldo690
Best Defender: @Lollero
Best Supporter: @xamichee Will provide morale support while simming on rocks
Best non-golder: @Nirson
Friendliest Player: @probablyyes

Hall of Shame:
Worst Player:mad:cuddlybear
Worst Attacker: @CuddlyBear
Worst Defender: @cuddlybear(will blame mods for losing cities)
Biggest Simmer: @xamichee
Worst Golder: @robh will gold everything back when he wake up just to feed us again every night
Trashiest Player: @CuddlyBear


Nice job @well too bad. Now to answer your questions

Hall of fame:
Best attacker: @Vylcan (but in reality me :cool:)
Best defender: @Lollero
Best supporter: no clue
Best non-golder: @Del2 (LMAO )
Friendliest player: @ probablyyes

Hall of shame:
Worst player: so many choices
Worst attacker: @Khan Pathan (he attacked me with centaurs :eek:)
Worst defender: @RobH1987 (sorry bud)
Biggest simmer: @Drew411
Worst golder: @xamichee (he knows what I am talking about ;))
Trashiest player: @Heres20BucksKillMe (DUH)
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Hall of Fame:
G.O.A.T: (Greatest of All Time) in correspondence to this world: Jredge
Best Attacker: Jredge
Best Defender: Ranbir Singh/Ajaj2
Best Supporter: Silver Smurf
Best non-golder: I think i'm the highest non-golding attacker :cool:
Friendliest Player: Probablyyes

Hall of Shame:
Worst Player: Van Helsing
Worst Attacker: No one attacks me
Worst Defender: RobH
Biggest Simmer: Me
Worst Golder:
Trashiest Player: Me