So What Now?

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    Jun 6, 2013
    They said from the get go they wanted to make a competition because everyone else rolled over. But their original intention wasn't to build wonders. Everyone else just folded so they went to play spoiler. Given how they play and how clear they make it they're here to play serious, I'm not surprised they kick people who lose multiple cities. That's also not very uncommon, a lot of teams purge out liabilities. They seem to be pretty upfront about their requirements.

    They seemed to be doing pretty well vs everyone else in the area. If you're talking about Savage's top players, then yeah we probably wouldn't win. But lucky for us, it was Savage's choice to bring in BF and it was BF's choice to break pact with us. Just as it was TBWC's choice to fight and your choice to take a crown. As for it not being us. 74-27....More if you count the BF group. If TBWC sucked that bad then they shouldn't have been an issue. Especially for a group that managed to take out Whitey and DJ's group at the start. I'm not gonna say that TBWC is the best thing on Byblos, but they made strides and definitely became a solid group and don't suck. Somehow a bunch of rim players, many of which hadn't played before, managed to organize to take on BF, HELLAS, and Savage groups and break into the top 12. Not really a small achievement even if the world was a mess.
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    Every word of this is true. Every. Word. Lol.