Soldiers of the Sun....Maybe they should stop sunbaking and fight instead?


The planning was perfect,
it wasnt our first rodeo.
We done it all before,
into battle we would go.

We were going to fight,
Soldiers of the Sun.
We would launch timed attacks,
and would have a lot of fun.

The war was short,
against Soldiers of the Sun.
Little did we know,
that all they could do was run.


No Musketeers were hurt in this short war on Soldiers of the Sun.........


Very good poem Basil, but hardly reflective of reality lol.

GDC were the actual attackers - except for the few muskrats that took pity on some of the weaker players and helped a little bit lol. Defending against GDC (who are almost three times our size) was a lot of fun lol. Sure, it was inevitable that some cities would be lost, but thanks to everyone on the Red team, you guys have rocketed me into the 15th ranking for DBPs lol. Don't believe your own propaganda though - we may be small, but we are good for our size. If we weren't, then we would have folded up our tents a long time ago and joined the ranks of the other alliances that couldn't put up with you (I mean defend against you). We also take cities from Muskrats and GDC from time to time, though it may not be through impressive operations like GDC just mounted. Please don't believe that this is our first rodeo either :) Oh, did I mention that while GDC were attacking me, that I also took a city from them at the same time and also during this operation, my team mates took another 5 cities from GDC? Sure, not very impressive conquests, but it demonstrates weakness in your ranks that we intend to fully exploit. Check it out - it's in the stats!

You guys may end up winning here eventually, just on size alone, but you also need some decent enemies or else you would lose interest in Gythium completely, so you may want to leave a few of us in the game to fight with from time to time lol.


too bad we are far from each other....could do some damage to those fat guys (Musks and their minions).


I have had some in game convos with Spike and I have found him to be quite honorable. I have not had the pleasure with SingleSS, although his LS have hit my cities a couple of times. We would not even be warring with NV right now if they had not started an Op on Musks in O65 a couple of months ago, but it was given us something to do while waiting for the wonders to start. I a few more of us can get a foothold into the east we will be glad to bring the war to you. Without you trying to move west (attacking) it is hard to move 2 oceans to bring it to you, but we will.

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too bad we are far from each other....could do some damage to those fat guys (Musks and their minions).
Maybe you could send me more than 8 LS at a time occasionally - or maybe you could even protect the attacks so I couldn't wisdom them and chuckle at another predictable fake. I guess you get to waste a bit of my Athena favor tho so all good :)

Weasy ;)