Proposal Solution of Morale abuse(Morale Drivers) in CQ worlds

Silver Witch

Grepolis Team
Maybe we could have some worlds where morale is inactive on all sieges - that might solve this issue if all worlds have to have morale. Then at least we could choose to play with or without the ability to exploit this with LMDs.

I dont mind morale and I agree it supports smaller players its only the ability of bigger alliances to exploit this that bothers me.


Excuse me?
I mean only player with bot will backsnipe LMD CS without any other type of defence. Real live person will provide information to ally about incoming CS.

Erm no... Even people who use alarm, have lives. LMD completely denies one of the fundamental aspects of CQ. Guess what that is? Is called siege breaking.
Correct. And possibly it is a reason. Why they provide worlds with morale. It allows smalle group to fight againt bigger.

Excuse me?Again... what?
If "many players" find it easy. Why they dont use that tactic?

Excuse me?
Simply... no... Is not a matter of activity to take on a stacked LMD. Is a matter of firepower. Which is denied by low morale/high wall.
It is matter of ally organisation and team work.

Excuse me?
All the points you're making here are fundamentally wrong. I am not sure whether you understand or believe what you're saying. But just spatting nuisance is like throwing bricks to wall and see what sticks... With me it won't stick bud.
Again. Why adminstartion opens worlds with morale?

Kal Gordon

Not true. Small ally can fight against big farm if they are active. Otherwise just big farm who spend more gold and have more flyers wins. In many worlds without morale it is typical - all concentrated about 1-2 groups withou chance to change.
In general, the alliance of small players won't win against an alliance of larger players just because of morale. One of the reasons why LMDs are so powerful is that you've got the morale defence of a tiny player, but the defensive power of a top-tier alliance.

Only if you bot. If your expirienced player you will comunicate with your team and will not allow to enter CS from LMD. Or you will kill it in first 5secs. If it is so cheap, just do it.
Actually, I'd say it's the other way around. There are two tactics you see from LMDs in general:
  • Massive alliance backup. In which case, good luck sniping an LMD CS with tens of defensive nukes arriving in the first 5 or so seconds, and with a similar distribution of attacks before the CS. Sniping bots (one of the most common types of bot that people seem to complain about on conquest) would make it harder for the LMD, not easier as you appear to be implying.
  • Repeatedly throwing short-distance CSs at people, especially during their offline times, in the hope that one of them sticks and can then be reinforced. Again, a player with a bot would actually have an easier time stopping the LMD, because they don't have to be online to kill the CSs.
(Note: I am not encouraging botting in any way. Just pointing out why it's wrong to say that only bot users think LMD CSs are cheap tactics.)

Not true. First of all it is possible and we did it many times. It is question of activity and team work.
Against rim alliances with minor stacks, maybe. Against top alliances using LMDs with stacks of DLU behind Wall 25 and Tower, I doubt it, especially on conquest where catapults aren't generally part of people's OLU nukes.


I mean only player with bot will backsnipe LMD CS without any other type of defence. Real live person will provide information to ally about incoming CS.
Well with LMD you are limiting the defender to solely that. And that's exactly the point. Plus, you can arrange situations in which front-sniping is just impossible. Other way, is as mentioned before, exploiting people's offline times. This is worsened in worlds with fast unit speed, where often alarms go off after attacks have landed... what do you do in these cases?

If "many players" find it easy. Why they dont use that tactic?
Matter of principle. It stains the mechanics of CQ. CS gets in, low morale... too bad, city lost. No one reasonable will spend tons of firepower to break a low morale siege. I certainly won't. The more people adopt LMD, the less siege breaks you will see. And for me, and many people... that's the fun part of CQ. So much for big wars between alliances, when all that really happens is LMD exchanges with no real fight behind it.

Again. Why adminstartion opens worlds with morale?
To promote the new morale mechanics recently introduced, for new players. Neglecting the fact it is exploited and abused by big alliances, instead.