Some advice for a newbie


Hello all in Heraklion,

I'm relatively new to the game and any MMO for that matter, really enjoying it thus far. I have a couple of quick questions for anyone of you. I am about 4 days or so into the game and was wondering if there is a specific timetable that is better for entering an alliance. Should I wait until I'm around level 18-20 on my buildings (currently around 9-10)? Also, this is really dumb but how do I find my ocean #, can't seem to locate that info. Thanks and I look forward to conquering all of you in the future! (Well except for my allies anyway):D


Hi mickey, welcome :)

Firstly, to find your ocean you can either look on the top left of your screen, below your city name, or go to ranking, player ocean and you will see it on the bottom right. Since you are 4days in now i would advise you to find an alliance ASAP. Especially for a newbie, they can answer all your questions and help you out. Btw, me and my alliance are based in O57, BLUNT POSSE :)

donkey xx

Hi Mickey
As a nooby myself Id say alliances will find you mate

Dont go with the mass recruiting ones as they fun to kill
Oh and dont confuse top alliances with mass recruiting ones :eek: as they fight back in a big way :(

Take the time to speak in mails for a bit before deciding no alliance can offer you protection if you muck up after a certain point your on your own but look for an alliance able to spend time with advice and direction


Thanks for the info Donkey and Oddy, really appreciate it. I will begin to look for an alliance that I can help benefit and have some fun. Perhaps our paths will cross as I continue to grow my city and explore Heraklion! Take care!