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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fusionator, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. fusionator

    fusionator Guest

    So im new to all this and could realy use some help, i never seem to have enough resouse to build things and its taking me ages to get my market, i realy want to get the market so i can buy stuff for my troops.

    Is there anyone nice enough to send me some resourse please

    thanks in advance

    Lady fusionator
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  2. owen66

    owen66 Guest

    I doubt very much anyone will.

    Are you farming regularly?
  3. TomPrimus

    TomPrimus Guest

    :) You are funny Lady :)

    I really doubt someone would simply send you resources.


    If you are non active peaceful settler, then build resource production buildings and demand resources from farming villages.
    If you are active and somewhat aggressive, then in addition attack and farm your neighbours.
  4. fusionator

    fusionator Guest

    Im sorry i dont realy understand, i am active i am on nearly all day but i havent been able to build all my stuff yet, i taught maybee somone would help me by sending me some stuff to help me play.

    Also i have 6 men in my town how do i change them for the men on horses please ?
  5. owen66

    owen66 Guest

    I have one thing to say to you!

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  6. fusionator

    fusionator Guest

    all im asking is a little help please, you all have way more experiance than me
  7. owen66

    owen66 Guest

    That's why I linked you to the wiki....
  8. TomPrimus

    TomPrimus Guest

    Owen is right you have to do some reading.

    P.S. I also do not have market yet, even though I'm more then twice bigger then you. No stress :cool:.
  9. Z-e-r-o

    Z-e-r-o Guest

    Hello Everyone

    I am in the same team as Emelia but I am finding this game hard to play everyone else seems to be going so much faster than us? we seem to be doing something wrong.

    Who wants to be our knight in shining armour and show us the way?

    Me and the girls are now reading the "wiki", however I see can't see how to make get more resources. It's so confusing :(

    Kelly xx
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  10. owen66

    owen66 Guest

  11. fusionator

    fusionator Guest

    Do you play on this world owen ? If you do can you message me in the world please ?
  12. owen66

    owen66 Guest

    No I don't I'm afraid.
  13. TomPrimus

    TomPrimus Guest

    Fusionator, If can't get this far. Then I think you're too young for this game!
  14. fusionator

    fusionator Guest

    im 18 and there was nowhere that asked my age ....... is it allowed to play under 21 ?
  15. Rising Legacy

    Rising Legacy Phrourach

    Oct 27, 2011
    I think you can play the game from about 13 up, although I'm not sure if there is a definite limit. Ignore TomPrimus, he's being inconsiderate to the fact you're a new player.
  16. fusionator

    fusionator Guest

    Thank you Rising legacy, i am not trying to gain anymore than knowledge here, i think its great that players have a place like this to come and ask others about the game.

    Your a doll :)
  17. Z-e-r-o

    Z-e-r-o Guest

    I am finding this kind of help in a game absolutely outstanding, the way someone like ourselves who need help can just ask and people want to come and offer help and advice.

    I would like to offer my heart most thanks to all and everyone who have mailed the girls with the game to offer help, assistant and advice.

    Kelly x
  18. Spickle

    Spickle Guest

    Ahh, dee gees
    welcome to grepolis and specifically to Ocean 75
    we Krazies have a thread devoted to you in our alliance chat. some like your profiles very much.
    you started slow, but continue to grow :)
    i hope that you coninue to play. its a fun game :)
    youre getting advice from good people, but if you should need more advice, or any help in your neighborhood, give the krazies a call.
    especially the players wolfhal, ilikepiepie2, anyplace, Bendis Dacia, or myself. if you'd like to chat with another girl, Bendis Dacia's the one for you. ;)
    and, by the way, your uf chapter is lotsa fun :)
  19. Priscilla

    Priscilla Guest

    I'd be fascinated to hear about the things you hope to buy for them.
  20. ilikepiepie2

    ilikepiepie2 Guest

    ill give you some "resources" baby ;]]]