Some things to help with programming


So I'm going to try and gather together a load of things that will help people who are just starting to program, and people that want help with programming.

Please feel free to contribute more things that will assist with this.

  • - A place to dump your code, so that people can see it online. Nice syntax formatting. Very useful site.


- Has many well put together guides and tutorials for many programming language.

There are also many different code snippets for many languages that can be useful.
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If anyone is learning a .NET Framework language the forums over at

are very useful. The people there are always quick to reply and very knowledgeable. You could learn a lot from looking at questions other people posted too.



Stackoverflow is a great site if you're having a problem with your code. It isn't language specific, and as with the MSDN forums you can learn a lot by randomly browsing through the site. I highly recommend it.