somebody call somebody a noob


somebody call somebody else a noob or something, this is a world with awesome settings and plenty of good players so i can't believe there hasn't been more winding each other up or anything like that :D

if i recall, the only pnp so far in this world has been from our CM about his own rimming, surely in-game events are not so boring already? are there no decent wars? WAKE UP!!!!!
DN are noobs, or whats left of them!

An alliance with such great potential flopping within 4 days! its like Black Shadows all over again :D except more of them at least stayed to be conquered!

on the bright side though O55 is going to be an awesome ocean to reside within, lots of small alliances have formed from the DN fallout and the opportunity for the alliances in the shadow of DN is great.

PT Server have been quiet since conquering began, whats the matter? Bit off more paella than you could chew :D


things are shaping up nicely here i reckon, there are tons of small alliances out there these days that have potential. I think there will be alot of wars hapening later but for now everyone is just conquering the allianceless targets, building up strength etc etc


we are one alliance but there are plenty more not in the top 12 that are starting to look like potential alliances,