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Hey there guys. Re-openeing this thread since a member of the forums requested it. If anyone wants to start up discussion about this topic again feel free to.

For references sake OP is.

.. Pella is dead.

I swear to god. MOS has nothing to fight anymore. With the fact we do not want to turn on our allies and friends, and the age of WW still a long way off.. I want ideas.

So.. With TCF and TNW all but defeated in Pella, Silver is gone, HaVoC is gone along time ago. WE is disintegrating..

I want ideas on how to liven this place up again. MOS are a great team and unfortunately it seems like we ruined this world by beating everyone?

Ideaassss... GO.


Pella is far from dead. In the past, MOS was able to pick off their top competition one by one, leaving their allies TSL and TDK free to rise through the ranks and claim the 2,3 spots. Now, MOS and friends find themselves struggling to deal with the forces of several smaller alliances that have gotten fed up with the direction the server was headed...

Leonidas Agiad

The return of this thread is quite timely. Its interesting to read how dominant MOS used to be, and how some of their opponents had given up on this world as they saw no hope of ever matching MOS's attacking power. The sad truth for MOS however, is that their glory days are draining away. A quick look at the ABP's for the last week shows that NONE (!) of the top 10 attackers in Pella was in MOS. In fact, as you can see from the table below ... ALL 10 of the top-10 attackers last week are enemies of MOS ! Worse, MOS have only 3 of the top 20 current attackers. Amazing how much things have changed, and its only going to get worse as their enemies become more organised !

I presume this poor showing is another symptom of the inactivity problem that seems to have a stranglehold on MOS in recent times. My experience of other worlds suggests that once the rot sets in like this, it doesn't turn around ... its generally a sign of worse to come.
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As MoS is floundering right now, I'm wondering who everyone thinks they will be merging into...
1month 21days ago.

Further evidence for the first signs of rot setting in would be large numbers of internal conquests, and indeed this seems to be the case. In other worlds, I've seen the "bandwagon effect" mentioned above lead to a rush by players least committed to their alliance trying to join the top alliance, but these are also the players who also tend to drop out before the end. It will be interesting to see if this decay continues, or if MOS will be able to stop the rot !?
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Still here arent we?

Happy new year everyone! :D

Chris x
1month 9days ago. (*1)

'nuff said. Stay frosty Pella.



@leo (below) - Bit of a far stretch. I know your arguments are weak, but saying im not a man of my word because I said i wouldnt post here... thats far even for you.. Plus im just proving that graphs, while interesting, dont mean s...

*1.See above.
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Leonidas Agiad

Last time Ill be posting on the Pellan Forums.
~ chrisg2003bt 27.01.13
LoL, you lasted 2 weeks Chris ! I've always known your word wasn't to be trusted, but I expected better than that !


Heehee I knew he would break when you put up that graph leonidas! Chris always has to put the "MOS spin" on the facts :D Anyhow.... I found the graph interesting, it does seem to point to a problem within MOS as I would expect them to play the most aggressively as the #1 alliance and they clearly aren't. If they want to continue playing paddy-cake with each other and sim the days away that's fine with me, I'd just rather that they would fight back every once in a while ;)


aw gawd, you guys are still playing this?? I'm disturbed. Seriously, follow my lead and get a life or at least try.


aw gawd, you guys are still playing this?? I'm disturbed. Seriously, follow my lead and get a life or at least try.
Cmon now Tyrone expected better from you. Surely you know you can have a life and play this game yes?

I have a close group of good friends in real life, go out on the weekends, have a job, am currently getting a college degree, go to the gym 5 days a week, and have a beautiful girlfriend.

Obviously you can choose to believe this or not, but mate you and I both know you can play this game while having a "life" outside of it.


Chris I think you need make your mind up one minute you say in a strop you ain't posting in a thread you created next you start other threads and then you have the shear and utter cheek you say things like "stop throwing toys out pram" in neg reps....

Oh daz thanks you done me a massive favor I been board simming away (not just simming but providing mr brack with wood) out boardom but them attacks just got my interest back for the game so thank you :D


if that's true, you are a soldier bro, keep it up. I just can't be checking this game every hour or so and then it just gets so mechanical - checking cities, moving resources, timing attacks or whatever. It aint for me. Now, I like to play CS for an hour to blow some steam and do other things.


Well, Sarissa were just destroyed. :D

Have a nice fishing trip guys. See you when you all return.

(I contributed a lot, taking all of 0 cities :cool:)

Redemption Blue

umad noobs?

So basically what I have seen from reading through this is:

People crying about MOS taking in good players and then taking out the competition.
People crying about chris, having a good whinge about his actions on the internet; wow you're all real mature.
People crying about Volsung's diplomatic actions even though they are uninformed and just look *real smart...*
People crying because their alliance sucks.
People crying over what others have done on A GAME YO!
People crying at anything they can, simply because they need something better to do in life.

This list goes on and on and on and gets vulgar so I will leave it here.

What I have also seen:

MOS making the best moves for their alliance diplomatically.
MOS doing as they please because they can. This is a WAR GAME people, stop crying cause you got rimmed
MOS dominating Pella in a way that suits them
MOS continuing to have people gettin-mad at them because they are simply a better alliance.

Now... I am not from MOS, I have not played in MOS, but this stuff is blindingly obvious.

Half of you lot whinging about the turn of events on this server, please, just turn off your computer. You lot turn a, (I can't stress this enough) WAR GAME into a god damn tea party where apparently you have to be nice and follow other people's rules.

Mors Omnia Solvit.
Continue to do as you have because as i said before, you can. If I were in your position I would. Secure the best future for your alliance.

Everyone else.
umad bro? Well get over it. If you don't like the way they play, then take it to them and beat them. ... Oh that's right, you can't, hence why you cry.

Redemption Blue


=====-----This has been a party political broadcast brought to you by Redemption Blue. -----=====

Mors Omnia Solvit - "Saving N00bs and being N00bs since June '12"

Thank you for watching.

Disclaimer: MOS leadership and members were not involved in the making of this broadcast; nor knew of its existance before publishment. Some feelings may have been harmed in the events directly proceeding this broadcast. No animals were harmed in the making of this broadcast. The MOS Leadership could not be reached for comment.
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Sapphire Sorrows

Hard to fight people when they run to vacation - Haven't you seen the Sarissa events? Well, they are "Gone Fishin" now, but there are lots of people waiting :)


Also welcome back to the externals chris
Just passing through like a fart on the breeze Nippleberry.

You can consider this a very special post just for you. You know i cant stay long, something about this large empty place gives me the creeps. Or maybe its the creeps here that give me the creeps. :D

Im enjoying my life of solitude. If you need me, you know where to find me as always. :)

Psst. (You have 10days left).