Someone needs to say it..


MOS making the best moves for their alliance diplomatically.
MOS doing as they please because they can. This is a WAR GAME people, stop crying cause you got rimmed
MOS dominating Pella in a way that suits them
MOS continuing to have people gettin-mad at them because they are simply a better alliance.

MOS bringing in below average player to keep their points up
MOS being second in Attack BP with second most players
MOS simming away in core
MOS loosing cities
MOS better players goes into VM for a week with pressure

MOS players running from forums hide under rocks

Why is MOS wanting a tea party?

Redemption Blue

Sir MonsterNipples,

Just a quick question. Where do MOS sit in the rankings and where does everyone else sit in the rankings?
Just a little reality check is in order methinks.

You cannot claim that the alliance dominating is not the alliance that is no joke 10m points ahead of the second place. And we(TDK) in 2nd place are a comfortable 5m points ahead of you.

MOS points = 28,535,995
PFK points = 14,144,523

If we take a ratio that is 2.01:1 in MOS's favour or in more simple terms they are roughly Double your points. Good luck fighting your way up a hill twice as big as you.

ALSO you have only got 38 players with an average player points of 372,224 while MOS have 63 players with an average player points of 452,952.

So not only are you half their total size but your average points per player lose out at a ratio of 1.22:1 OR on average your players are 82% the size of the MOS players. AND at just over half the player numbers you are outgunned in basically every way.

ALSO, once full focus is turned to PfK, you will be outgunned by the power of MOS AND their allies. MOS alone are no bloody pushover but if you add their allies into the mix, you are well and truly buggered.

So yea before you get all uppity about obscure gauges of success such as ABP, take a hard look at the facts that really define where you stand.

On one final little note, I would also just take a look at the maps. You kind of have the 2 biggest alliances at your heels on 2 sides. Not much room to run eh ;D

Oh how looking at the actual defining stats and numbers is fun. You just make yourself look foolish by refuting the truth :)

Have nice day.


Yes MOS is first in points and has been for sometime. I didn't depute this. But experienced players will tell you that points are not everything. As you so accurately pointed out,
This is a WAR GAME people, stop crying cause you got rimmed
So I was simply speaking about the fighting aspect of the WAR GAME, as fighting is generally acknowledged to be a large part of war, is it not? So why isn't MOS dominating the fighting aspect of this war if they are supposedly so greatly superior to everyone else? Can you please explain this phenomenon to me? You will have to excuse me, I'm kind of a noob so I don't always understand how these things work....

As for your later points, yes MOS is twice our size, and their average player is larger than ours, we have less than half their membership nubmers etc... we are truly
outgunned in basically every way.
With this being the case, why then is MOS losing their war against us, and losing it big time. It's kinda weird ain't it? ;)

I'll be sure not to use such obscure gauges of success like attack or defensive battle points again, those are just silly numbers that don't mean anything. I'll instead count the number of players in each alliance as you have, and use that number to determine how strong an alliance is. Everybody watch out for Pirates of Pella, I heard they have 78 players.

P.S. Go ask your buddy rkaiser how he liked his stay in ocean 66, he kind of ran off before I had a chance to ask him :heh: And no, we don't need any room to run, we've got plenty of space to expand to our northwest....

P.P.S. Anyhow there will hopefully be much more to say on this subject very soon, 10 days indeed chris....


Hard to fight people when they run to vacation - Haven't you seen the Sarissa events? Well, they are "Gone Fishin" now, but there are lots of people waiting :)
It certainly is hard to fight people when they go into VM, *cough MOS*. You do have to respect those Sarissa guys though, they've been surrounded for a long time now and have put up a much better fight than MOS (or even I) certainly could have predicted.


You say we are vastly out-manned and out-gunned but you still haven't made any kind of headway against us... You have actually lost a lot of ground against us... yet you boast and brag about supposed victories and superior numbers... Sounds like false bravado to me.. We will see how things play out in the coming months..

Leonidas Agiad

MOS are a spent force, they're reminiscent of the Roman Empire at the end of its days, bloated and rotting from within, teetering on the brink of collapse. For instance, their latest Alliance renaming fiasco, "On Top Since Conception" ... could that be any more desperate an attempt to bolster sinking morale. And now "Loaded Diapers", well we've known you've been full of it for a while, but seriously, why turn yourselves into the laughing stock of Pella. I've seen similar fiasco's in other worlds, and it usually indicates some kind of power struggle within the alliance, that provokes the Founder to throw his weight around... "because he can" ... to attempt to reassert control. However its an embarrassment to many members, and usually deepens the factions splitting the alliance. Interesting Times !

I'm sure there is still a core of good players within MOS, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some being unceremoniously booted, with little thanks for their efforts.
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It certainly is hard to fight people when they go into VM, *cough MOS*. You do have to respect those Sarissa guys though, they've been surrounded for a long time now and have put up a much better fight than MOS (or even I) certainly could have predicted.
Dont worry peeps, fishin trip will soon be over and fun time can resume. People go on holiday, deal with it. when your a small alliance then its only right and fair that we dont allow the cowards to pick off smaller, less active players when half the membership is away.

Also SS im shocked you can even bring yourself to post on these forums, your approach and playing style make me want to (puke)

We are far from done.

On another note and if anyone has contact with the coward farmstrong 'good work champ' handing off all your cities to the enemy alliance while people are away...... everyone told me your were an ..... but i was foolish enough to keep you onboard.
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Sapphire Sorrows

Feel free to come back Trax, we're waiting. Seeing as I've not attacked you as i did your buddies, it's interesting to see you comment on my playing style.

Oh So arrogant when not in game.


Not arrogant my dear, just honest. You keep hiding behind Mos Throwing stones as for your playing style and you not attacking me well quite simply thats rubbish and your not being honest. i have broken you poor attempts at sieges and you have lost everything you sent at me. You may well take a city my sweet but that wont be from your ability as a player, it will be down to your friends.

Sapphire Sorrows

I have never once asked for help from MOS - not for attacking you lot. Just because you've been attacked by other people doesn't mean we work together.

And don't you know I hate MOS? According to Tyrone Black and Bend24, Every other post I make bashes MOS.


I have never once said you hated MOS Sapphy, anyway didn't come on here to bicker with you. From what I have heard from friends your alliance is basically in a pact with MOS, please don't pretend even for a second that your alliance could take on Sarissa 1 on 1. If your alliance was to face Sarissa alone with neither side having to fight other wars I have a feeling you would all be losing cities left and right. Trax, AJ, Ten, and Killz are some of the best players I have seen in grepo.

Would just like to say that MOS would be better served to have their more articulate members who actually know what they are talking about post on the forums such as Chris. When members like Redemption Blue who clearly has no idea what he is talking about post it makes the whole lot of you look foolish, although I know that is not the case. MOS has many respectable members. It is pretty clear to see though that MOS is losing the war to PfK pretty badly as well by taking a look at the recent bp numbers and conquest numbers.

Sapphire Sorrows

My alliance has been fighting Sarissa for longer than MOS, but you wouldn't know Bend - you don't have actual facts to go off here.
I took a city from Ten myself, before we talked with MOS. We fought against them without help for a couple months.
Bend24 said:
I have never once said you hated MOS Sapphy
I can pull up quotes if you like. Early AA with the awards - funtimes!


If your alliance was to face Sarissa alone with neither side having to fight other wars
Think you missed this important part, Sarissa has always been fighting other wars since the start of the server. Where you on the other hand as you have admitted many times are neutral, picking off inactives, ghost cities, and players without alliances for the most part. Don't know why you would be neutral in a war game, but whatever floats your boat. The early part of the server was also during the WW phase of Corinth, where trax, ten, and aj were all very busy with corinth. Killz was also not on the team yet. Point is if Sarissa was able to give you there whole attention and not have to worry about MOS/TDK you would be utterly destroyed.

I believe you are confusing me with Tyrone, I never said you were a MOS hater. I actually disliked MOS in the early days of the server and still don't really have any love for them even though I am friendly with some of their players. I disagree with the way they played the server, but that is just my opinion. Anyway if you want to waste your time looking for the quotes go for it.


Basically Sapphy would be the ideal TSL player. Just call on other alliances to do their dirty work cause they don't have the power to do it themselves.


To be fair Sapph never called on anyone, only reason MOS began targeting Sarissa members is their own doing. I guess they figured they could pick off a few of our inactives without us knowing. So the entire argument of them hiding behind us is incorrect. MOS wars with whom it chooses. As for you bend, pretty lame for you to stick your nose in things that have nothing to do with you.

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