Someone needs to say it..


Meh. You lot ran into VM when you were being ripped appart then come back with the good old 'we were all on holiday at the same time'.

Anyway, I look forward to when you decide to come back from your fishing trip. I want to try out my catapult nuke. :p


Sir MonsterNipples,

Just a quick question. Where do MOS sit in the rankings and where does everyone else sit in the rankings?
Just a little reality check is in order methinks.

You cannot claim that the alliance dominating is not the alliance that is no joke 10m points ahead of the second place. And we(TDK) in 2nd place are a comfortable 5m points ahead of you.

MOS points = 28,535,995
PFK points = 14,144,523

If we take a ratio that is 2.01:1 in MOS's favour or in more simple terms they are roughly Double your points. Good luck fighting your way up a hill twice as big as you.

ALSO you have only got 38 players with an average player points of 372,224 while MOS have 63 players with an average player points of 452,952.

So not only are you half their total size but your average points per player lose out at a ratio of 1.22:1 OR on average your players are 82% the size of the MOS players. AND at just over half the player numbers you are outgunned in basically every way.

ALSO, once full focus is turned to PfK, you will be outgunned by the power of MOS AND their allies. MOS alone are no bloody pushover but if you add their allies into the mix, you are well and truly buggered.

So yea before you get all uppity about obscure gauges of success such as ABP, take a hard look at the facts that really define where you stand.

On one final little note, I would also just take a look at the maps. You kind of have the 2 biggest alliances at your heels on 2 sides. Not much room to run eh ;D

Oh how looking at the actual defining stats and numbers is fun. You just make yourself look foolish by refuting the truth :)

Have nice day.

So by your above all stats theory I'm above and beyond the best player on the server. I would agree with that. And I know MOS agrees with it also.