Sons of Anarchy

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Sons of Anarchy

Well I started in this world a few days ago and said hey I'm going to start an alliance that rules ocean 56 and I made a alliance before and we were very successful in the world Naxos but then a way bigger alliance came after us and we lost but I started the alliance again and in a new world and I am looking for members. Our alliance is called Sons of Anarchy and I'm Ukraine1648 founder of the SOA and we will accept you if you are active everyday and aren't a refugee and we accept merges as long as they are into us do if you wanna join and are in ocean 56, pm me in the game or just say who you are in the forums and I will invite you. :)

Active at least everyday.
Located in or near ocean 56.

We will accept pacts if it will benefit each alliance fairly and if your not located in ocean 56, cause all alliances in ocean 56 are our enemy.

Acts of War:
Anything that displeases us.

And I'm always looking to do any changes to my alliance if it passes a vote when we vote on something in the alliance forums.
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