Sophistication- Border of O44/O54


Hello all, decided to create my own alliance due to the lack of decent ones. Looking to keep this around and maybe under 20 members. I want to be aggressive and be known for our solid playing style.

Who I am looking for:

I am looking for are players that work together. This alliance is based on cooperative attacking and defense, and our forum will be active with leaders that are visible and accessible. Members should be highly active. Whether or not they can be online 24/7, we're looking for people that aren't afraid to stare down the biggest guy in their ocean and punch them in the colon. While experience is a plus, a willingness to work hard, prove yourself, and learn if you have to is even more important. If I have to, I will teach you to be a great player. Great players that join but don't have time for this world and fall behind will be kicked. I'm looking for clever, intelligent, generally nice people who are highly aggressive and very social. If you're looking for an alliance that has a mature atmosphere and promotes teamwork, this is the alliance for you.

Alliance communication

Activity on the forum will be highly encouraged whether it is to defend your city or share a laugh.

Contact Information

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to either message me in-game(Velrios) or in the forums. I won't be posting a list on here because I think that's silly, and I won't be making a blacklist either because that feels really cliquey and if somebody is a prick I will just kick them and our alliance can farm them. You are welcome to ask me who is part of this in a private message if you wish. In your application, if I don't know you please send me:

-A copy of your stats, or explain your previous experience in games similar to grepolis.
-A little bit about yourself, and why this alliance seems interesting to you.
-Are you responsibly aggressive?
-How many worlds do you currently play, and which ones?
-Any other information about yourself that feels relevant.
(I may add more if I think of something)


Coming soon at a polis near you.


Why do you less than 1k points in all your worlds according to grepostats? :heh: