SOTM FEb 2011 ! |Voting|

Which one do you like the Best ?

  • 1

    Votes: 19 34.5%
  • 2

    Votes: 24 43.6%
  • 3

    Votes: 7 12.7%
  • 4

    Votes: 5 9.1%

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Love is an illusion. A delusion of grandeur designed by our minds to connect us to someone, something tangible in this world of chaos. A very beautiful, very realistic, yet nonetheless, very much so an illusion.
No....not really.


i think 1 is the best. 2 is overeffected. and 4 is.. i don't know you can see that the images are put it.

1 is simple and sophisticated.


since the poll closed..

Too bad i didn't win. My entry was #1 ^^


Imo, i'm sure most people know everything you said was an opinion. Imo, thanks for making it obvious though.


none of them.. all are crap.
why? simple reason this is unwanted content.
any forum is designed to communication. Any signature above 64 or 128 letters or digits is unwanted content.
users looking here for solutions, answers ect.. not for a signature competition. This is one one reasons why I don;t use this place.
Usually users response in about 100 letters average.. so when you read forum, you see short answers and of course big signature. again and again.. pointless.
any serious forum disallow graphics signature. yeap.. this forum don;t look serious. IMHO.
with graphics signature we have:
- endless post per page,
- database must be fixed more often
- problem with "how to find solution" and navigation . for example: tread about CP - 26 pages right now. without graphics.. 6 pages is enough. So save space, time, emotions..

without graphics signature we have:
- forum works faster
- no problem to find what we looking for,
- healthy database,
- we save time, space, emotions.

I'm the owner 1,5 million users forum, so probably I know how this works.
It's pretty sad, when people responsible for support playing with such non important thing.
one more thing. this is IMO - no any answers in future.

Please, our stuck up forum user, provide proof of you owning a 1.5 million user forum. No link is needed, I imagine we would all know about it. This, not a serious forum? Please, this is run by innogames, who have 50 million people in their forums. That's only 33.333 recurring times bigger than yours, yet you still think this forum is not serious? This is their job, they make money out of this game, they make it every bit as serious as possible. Furthermore, their is a set number of posts per page, the size of the graphics does not affect this, in anyway. To continue, a lot of posts does tend to make the forum look messy.

And I'm kind of doubting the fact that you own a 1.5 million user forum when you lack decent ability with a keyboard.


The one and only.

Oh yes, one question, did you really come to this forum to /failtroll? *Chuckle*