SOTM Finals.

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  • Devil's

    Votes: 28 46.7%
  • zabbi's

    Votes: 32 53.3%

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Wow. . . no need to be so blatantly against me D:

It's closer than I thought, only 5 votes in it :D


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YIKES - that was a close one!

That was a good match there Devlis! I thought we might have had to pull out the gloves and settle it in a good ol' rumble royal in the event of a tie.... I wasn't looking forward to it to say the least, you'd make me all woobly in the knees if you said anything in the ring, I wouldn't stand a chance at all!

Your never going on voice on Skype again are you!? :p


Maybe, I love my posh little English Accent :p

Good game! Shame I don't get a 2nd place ribbon :(


Hee hee.

Well done to both of you; maybe some good sig maker will be kind enough to make a ribbon for you. *hint* *hint* :D


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Blue and red ribbons for first and second place could be cool, after all the runner up did go through a lot to get here too. Although, if carf were to do that he'd have to swap up the colors because traditionally the blue ribbon was reserved for first place.

I think the runner up should be deserving of some recognition, he's just not gettin' any o' mai gold... *Hordes his pile of purdifull glistening coins!*