SOTM First Place |Voting|

Which one Deserves to be the Winner

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    Votes: 16 45.7%
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    Votes: 19 54.3%

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Hi there this poll will determine Who will be Ranked First & Second.
Participants are as follows.



The Time Limit is 4 days .
Best of luck to the ones Participating.
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i choose for number one.
because i think there has been put a little more effort in it.
and offcourse because i liked him more the number 2 ;)
goodjob whoever made it

Uther Pendragon.

Yeah,both sigs are awsome.
Though I do like the first one better(not that because its maker is my friend :D)
I think it has a bit more something to it.More action.

While the second one is also good,but it kind of gets a bit boring,once you stair at it for some time.
This is my humble opinion,and may the best win!

By the way,if this is made for one of the staff members on this forum,shouldn't he be the one deciding wich sig he/she likes the best?
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Not really.

The idea of it is to have a competition for players to vote on, and this month's theme is Gordo.


Yeah,but I do think that the second one has already claimed its position as the winner.
And for a good reason.It looks really like for an admin,specially a CM.
You have a feeling you're watching through that window,and you're looking at the Acropolis

Second sig really is better.
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