|SOTM| November 2010 !!

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And here is the Competition you have All been waiting for !!

Please read though everything carefully as the rules have changed (Yes some of them really did change so read it carefully )

To ensure that people vote on the merits of the signatures rather than the people submitting them we are changing the submission system. The signatures must be PMed to me. I will post them at the End of the Deadline for submission.

There will be a discussion thread created after the cut off limit.

Please refrain from telling people which signatures are yours, as your submission will be disqualified. Since we want to make this competition fair & not just for someone who has a wide Range of friends.

Community Manager

Time limit:

You will have a Create a signature for our New Community manager Gordopolis you can use whatever theme you like but just keep in mind that you are making this for a community Manager :) , everything else I leave it to your imaginations.

First timers are most welcomed! I want everybody to have a go. Just because you think you might not win doesn't mean you can't try. Give it your best shot and trust your Creativeness.


  • No obscenity.
  • 700x120px max
  • You must NOT have your forum username on it. instead use Gordopolis as you are making signature for him.
  • It can't just be an image with some added text. (I want some effort put into it please :p)
  • The sig must be specifically for this competition.
  • One entry only.
  • You can edit the entry up to the cut-off date. You must send them to me each time.
  • It must be your own work. (Stock images/Renders are acceptable)
  • .JPG/.Jpeg or .PNG Also I would like it if you kept .xcf or .psd files so we can check them if need be.
  • The Winners may be have to send their .psd/.xcf or any other source file they have for the signature , this is just to ensure that they did it themselves.

Images should not be uploaded to this site as they may be resized etc.
Use an external site such as:

There is lots of image editors out there.
If you have Photoshop then use it.

Some free ones are

Oh and there will be prizes. (I know you want them :cool: )

  1. 500 gold and a SOTM ribbon.
  2. 300 gold.
  3. 200 gold.

Depending on how many people make a signature, The voting system will be designed accordingly , so it can finish in time for the next competition.

All submissions should be SENT TO ME BY PM

Just send the:

  • Signature
  • Direct Link
  • Image size in pixels.

If you need help I should be able to provide it. PM me!

There is a guide for GIMP currently in this section, this should provide some basics for beginners. Any questions about GIMP, post them in that thread.

Now Folks Do your Best to Welcome our New Community manager & Make the best signature you can.

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