Beginner Sotw #11


SOTW #11

Theme: Freestyle
Size: 400 x 200 or 200 x 400 maximum (for verticals)
Deadline: Monday 28th February 00:00 GMT

Rules for Submitting:

• All entries must be made specifically for this competition (i.e. no pre-made works)
• No RIPPING! The work should be an original. If there is any suspicion of ripping, we will ask you for proof (.psd, .xcf file etc...)
• You are only allowed one entry. This entry should be PM'ed to me with the title "Competition".
• Please include an image followed by the URL link in your message.
• You may not post your images on another thread to receive CnC.

Voting Rules:

• You are allowed only one vote.
• You are NOT allowed to vote for your own entry.
• Voting will be on a poll which will be set up shortly after the deadline has passed.
• Please comment on the voting thread explaining your choice (Preferably not just "it was nice"...)
• Please do NOT put down any names in your voting comments in order to keep the entries anonymous and therefore completely unbiased.
• Campaigning for votes will not be allowed


PM Me your entries, and I'll have this up by Monday if Dogu isn't back by then.


So.... Will this be going through, or do you need somebody else to man this competition? I've got tons of experience with hosting SOTWs.