SotW Season 3 Week 5 Voting

Which Sig Do You Like The Best?

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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Alright this week's theme is freestyle so you don't need to consider whether the sig fits the theme when voting. Standard voting rules apply: No voting for yourself, no posting your sig elsewhere till the poll is closed, no telling others which sig is yours, no guessing at which sig was made by what artist, no campaigning of any kind. The voting will be public. Also try to remember to comment on why you voted for the sig you choose as the artists always appreciate it.

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:

Entry 4:

Entry 5:


4 has my vote and I can have a good guess at the makers of 1 and 2 and 5.


1) it hurts my eyes a little bit O.O
2) has it's merits, but seems to be missing a clear direction (e.g. random moon in a cornfield with neon signs? lol)
3) pretty cool, maybe a little messy on the smudging (assuming it was done by the artist?)
4) i like it, got my vote
5) nice, but i find my eyes drawn in too many directions

Link of time

1. Very nice work, but not as good as 4.
2. How is the moon that big?
3. Umm... Is that a sumo wrestler?
4. Gets my vote
5. Good quality, but too bright.

It was between 1 and 4, but 4 gets my vote.


Number 2 is a freaking masterpiece. I'm glad that xtc agrees with me! It tears to my eyes...


Hard to choose. I vote for #1.

1. You can guess other shapes from different elements, good play with lights and colors. The overall scene seems a bit too obscure.
3. I like the idea, I feel there is still something missing to tell a story.
4. Good overall, too much smudging and not sure why the character is seen at an angle (it's not just movement).
5. I like it, there is a lot in that scene but there is nothing I can clearly make out, too hard for me to understand it.