Important SOTW Season Two Rules

Baudin Toolan

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Season Explanation
This season will last for 6 weeks with there being a poll each week the contents of which will be sigs submitted by you, the participants. Each week there will be a theme, if the image you submitted doesn't fit the theme it won't be added to the poll. The participants will receive points depending on where they placed in the weekly poll. These points will be added up each week and at the end of the season the person with the most points wins. There will be a separate thread in which I will keep track of each person's points so you guys don't have to do the math yourself. Max image size is 400x200

Point Table
Participant • 1 point
4th Place • 2 points
3rd Place • 3 points
Runner Up • 5 points
Winner • 7 points

Theme Details - Season 2
Week 1 - Freestyle
Week 2 - Black and White/Light and Dark
Week 3 - Freestyle
Week 4 - Fire and/or Ice
Week 5 - Freestyle
Final Week - To be announced upon completion of Week 5

Rules for Submitting:

• Entries can be premade, as long as they have never been public. LP crops of otherwise private pieces are also allowed.
• No RIPPING! The work should be an original. If there is any suspicion of ripping, we will ask you for proof (.psd, .xcf file etc...)
• You are only allowed one entry. This entry should be PM'ed to me, and made clear as to what it is. (ie put in the pm title something about the SOTW comp)
• No posting your images elsewhere in order to gain advice. That means no pm'ing it to someone, posting in CnC, or uploading it any other place on the forum.

Voting Rules:

• You are allowed only one vote per competition.
• You are NOT allowed to vote for your own entries.
• Voting will be on a poll which will be set up shortly after the work deadline has passed.
• Please try to comment on why you voted for whichever piece as we want an active comp not some silent voting.
• Don't go posting who you think made which entry.
• Campaigning for votes will not be allowed, and revealing your work prior to the voting completion will result in a disqualification.

Submissions must be in by 11:59 PM GMT+1 (23:59 if you want to be all technical) on the Sunday prior to the poll. The Poll will go up the next day (Monday).

The First Poll goes up on July 2nd so that means you've got 1 week to submit your image for the first week

*ninja edit*
Forgot to mention the best part, The Prize! The overall winner will receive a text based title, the actual wording to be decided upon by the winner*. This title shall belong to them until another person wins a SOTW season.

*Title will need to be approved by an admin

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You might want to add the size of the pictures into the post... :p

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Hmm That may be an important part, I had assumed everyone would know about the standard size used in SOTW, 400x200 max, but if someone new were to compete they'd have no clue.


Considering the fact that I'll be away next week could I possibly submit 2 weeks worth of submissions? :S

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Yeah if you've got your pic done for the next week feel free to send in it just make sure you tell me which is which as I wouldn't want to confuse them


okeyz,BTW when the voting is starting ? (just curious to see how many entries are here this time :D)


So by light and dark theme, does that mean I can have a bit of color?


Ok thanks...

Do the overall second place and/or third place winners get any prize at the end?