Spam Attacking - Let us begin the conversation here


So it's been a while since I chimed in, and I'm proud of the respectful discussion we have here. I'd like to add that multiple harbor checks, attacking every enemy city, spy draining, many allies attacking same enemy, attacking throughout the day, and etc., I do not consider spam. They are tactics of the game, the same type of attrition warfare you could find in real life.

The reason I made this post is because of players attacking and literally recalling over and over with no purpose or intent to land an attack. Because this would never lose them troops, and there is no real life example of this, recalling troops should be limited. The drawback to this of course is using anchors.

The other types of "spam"people complain about, there is no solution and most of it is part of the game.


I suggest we limit the amount of times a player can recall attacks during a certain timeframe. The amount of how many should be allowed should be discussed, considering anchors, mistakes, retimings, and changes of heart.


I wanna chime in and clear up some things that AREN’T spam. Since I find a lot of people accusing others of it when these things happen.

1) Multiple legit attacks
2) Clearing trips
3) Stealing resources
4) Stealing favor
5) Getting an hourly Hc from a player.
6) Getting Hcs from multiple players throughout the day and night.

You may get farmed multiple times if you leave favor, troops, or resources. Some people even break up their attacks to avoid a Zeus rage.

Little mistakes like not sending home that sea trip can lead to more attacks. As can a decision to pop militia in a city.

Just about the only things that qualify as spam are constant attack and recalls or the same person constantly checking you back to back in the same city with no mistakes made on your end.


I have randall1971 sending supports 1 unit per support. Most are recalled before landing. he is doing this because i blocked him from harassing me with his messages in game. This is spam, and if not it should be a breach of rules. I know this much for certain it is harassment.


alright two questions about the lines for spam attacking:

1. Where do spy bombs lie in the scale of spamming? And when i say spy bombs i mean 1000+ spies hourly.

2. Where do dink attacks lie as well? Dink attacks to me are small attacks sent to distract enemies but are not recalled feeding them easy BP.


Been a while since anyone posted here

Took my time to read through (may have skipped a page or two). Have you all tried adding a cost to attacking?

E.G 1000 of each resource for each attack, non-refundable. Makes sense, cuz such voyages would cost money (IRL).

People may still spam, but it would cost them a significant amount. It would also make resources somewhat more valuable.

If this is implemented, then my only request is that the attack button should appear grey like it does when there are insufficient boats. Cuz many players especially the older ones will forget


Um, this seems like a legitimate strategy, and if its effective, it should be used...

Spartan AD

As for dealing with spam attack/recalling, I don’t see why this is such a difficult issue to address? It seems that post people here are trying to present rules to prevent it happening in the first place. Here’s some food for thought.

3rd Party PC alarms:

Add a configurable alarm for the 3rd party scripts. Allow players to toggle the alarm on/off for certain cities (and for certain amounts of time if they want to be fancy), and have it so the alarm only goes off after a configurable amount of time (e.g. once the attack has been travelling for 3 minutes, once the attack has been travelling for 10% of its overall TT).

Mobile App Pings:

A way by which a player, as previously suggested, can toggle the pings off for specific cities. Also, a way by which a player can toggle attack notifications off from a specific player, or a certain city owned by any player, a form of personal blacklist for enemy cities where you commonly get spammed from.

All in all, really doesn’t seem too difficult to develop, and would solve competitive Grepo’s BIGGEST problem at the moment, aswell as a major issue that takes up a lot of the support teams time.


Your idea was mentioned earlier in this thread.. I just thought if it was easy enough then maybe the mods would've implemented it by now.

Just giving another way of solving this problem which should require even less programming