Sparta vs Hades Idiocy

general paulus

Hey Forum,

I guess it wasn't enough for them to throw an event in game for the gold-wh*res to have another massive advantage. Instead they also made sure to include ONLY attack buffs and no additional defensive improvements. There is a 2 week improved attack token, and none for improved defense. Not even a Torjan defense token.

I find this quite disgusting. Is Inno not making enough money still? For the love of god, where did the term "game-balance" go? Most of my concern is rooted in the ridiculousness of gold of course.

Excuse the rant, I simply can't stand it when I see how this game is today. A game that I played and loved since 2009.


Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
There was a bug with the ranking system and the devs are working on a fix they hope to roll out soon. So if you placed in the top 10 (?), I forget if it's 10, then you'll get your rewards once the bug gets fixed.