Spartan Assassins 2020

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
A massive fleet of Roman ships is about to land on the coastline of your empire! As the enemy soldiers plan on marching on the cities of Greece, your leadership is needed. You and all your fellow players need to unite the Assassins of Sparta to halt the invasion!

Starting May 18th at 10:00am, you are called to defend your homeland with the aid of Sparta’s Assassins. You decide over life and death: eliminated cavalrymen, legionnaires and sappers drop equipment pieces, which you can put together to complete collections that unlock special rewards, and Battle Tokens, a valuable currency for use in the event shop. Join forces with other players to prevent the invasion and unlock powerful community rewards until the event ends on June 5th, 23:59 CET. This time around, the calculation method of Community Goals is dynamic and is based on the overall player participation in the event, not just the world's settings, meaning the goals should remain obtainable for all worlds! Don't forget, the shop will be open until 23:59 on June 7th, so make sure you spend all your Battle Tokens before then!

For more information, please check out the Wiki .

We're looking forward to joining forces with you. See you in-game!

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Your Grepolis Team


Grepolis Team
Thanks for bringing your feedback to us about the Community Goals on Spartan Assassins. As you know, this feedback was passed to our developers and game designers, who reviewed the calculations. I know it has taken some time but we wanted to look at exactly what happened to improve for the future.

We would like to share this message from our developers which gives some insight into things. I have also added this to your feedback thread.

After hearing initial feedback from players, we have confirmed the calculation was correct, and was working as expected. The main reason for the Community Goals calculation method change was we intended to make them truly challenging, but not entirely unreachable. Prior to this event, the Community Goals were static boundaries. This meant that in some cases (smaller worlds on smaller markets, newer worlds etc.) it was impossible to reach any of the goals. The calculation was redesigned to work based on participation in the event within the world.

As this event has progressed, its become clear that we need to revisit the balancing of the new calculation method to also consider factors such as event length, as this isn't always the same for all events of this type. In our minds, we wanted worlds to reach at least the 3rd Community Goal, with most managing to earn the 4th, and really active worlds managing to also get the 5th goal, as recognition for their hard work. To reiterate, these are supposed to be hard to obtain, and giving them out to all worlds for relatively low participation in the event wasn't really how they were intended to work.

With this in mind, we've opted to give out Community Goals 3 and 4 to worlds on all markets. The script to deliver these spells will be issued during office hours on the last day of the event (5th June). What you may wonder is why we didn't adjust the goals during the event? Well this is simply because in order for us to really understand what went wrong here, we had to allow the event to run its course, so we had reliable data to review going forward.

We've already written into our planning to revisit the calculation of these goals, so future versions of the event will have a better and more fair delivery of the rewards for people's efforts. We wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your feedback on this topic, and apologize for any upset this has caused to you and your fellow players.