Spartan Assassins Spring 2021 Feedback Thread


This event is too short. Even assembling one trophy will cost money. Assembling all three seems utterly impossible, unless one is interested in spending a few thousand gold.
Normally it would be possible to assemble at least one trophy with spending little to no gold.
In en135 we get +100% BP with the Sapper token but only up to 8000 BP!
So spending a couple of thousand gold to maybe have a trophy and an additional 8k BP is the option now.
The time reduction of events doesn't seem well thought through in the case of this particular event. On the contrary.


Inno what are you doing it took 133 more than a third of the event time to complete the first goal of 200k and the second is nearly 600k???

we will probably not even reach that one, so cant even think about reaching the other 3.

Myrddin Emyrs

Phrourach, this is a link to the event last year, it was over two weeks long and even then one of the worlds i was in didnt get to the third goal, yet again it would appear the same is going to happen again this time around, what is the point on having this event, if you are going to have an event with unatainable goals where like i said last year your focus isus all to spend money during a pandemic where no one has the money then yet again you have lost the way and clearly dont care...

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
We've been updating Inno on the progress our worlds are achieving or not achieving as the case may be in regards to the community goals as well as relaying how everyone is feeling about the slow progress.

Myrddin Emyrs

It is not good enough exactly the same reply to last year, when this happened, then again it will take a mass exodus of players leaving and i know a lot of us are seriously considering it, the long term players here are not getting the benefits from this game from inno that they should, inno only seems to care about the new players coming in and spending a load of money on gold on these events, that is why this keep happening, then again if new players come in and spend the money then nothing else seems to matter, which is a crying shame it looks like it will be a day for a lot of the experienced players who will find something else to play, also this whole world closing business, why is their not one since hero worlds that doesnt close no end game just one where players can fight it out but one where there is more incentive to fight some special features something unique for players to join, now that would be a change up for the books.


@Baudin Toolan Will the devs give out some community awards like last year? Because the calculations were totally not fair as most world barely made goal 2, while Hyele didn't even make that one.