Spartan Assassins Summer 2022 Feedback Thread

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Spartan Assassins returns on the 15th. If you have any questions or feedback about the event please share them in this thread.


Event is not showing for me and other players, on EN145 and EN146. Refresh refresh restart. Please check why its not working we are all losing time

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
The event should now be working on all worlds. If it still isn't showing up for you try clearing your cache and refreshing.


Absolute trash rewards then inno has the audacity to give me a 10% gold offer. If you want me to buy at least make one of the things compelling me to buy good.

Funny thing is, each even I think I can't possibly be disappointed more than the last one, then somehow the devs manage to **** it up even more. Whats next? The max reward for Halloween is 4 griffs for 4 hours?


Its just getting worse worse increase the gold by 50% might make us take an interest I just haven't figure it out yet is inno getting greedy this assassins event is pathetic. Put this shitty Battle Tokens Shop on your wiki page.Grepolis is nothing like it used to be. You wonder why we are loosing interest in the game give us something exciting to look forward to and a little more fun.


Trophies = crap
Shop = insulting
One Divine battle strategy in the whole game = death blow

Every body likes bring your daughter to work day.
Letting your toddler redesign the spartan assassin game by randomly mashing the keys with a celery stick to the beat of foot lose....
Maybe not so loved.

My local surf shop loves it though. Ill be buying a new surf board with the money she saved me.
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Sorin Markov

The only rewards here are for people who *really* need to break a Bir wall. For those people, there's about 5 rewards. For sane players, there's literally nothing. Who thought this was okay?


now i'm disappointed as this is one of the mini games i tend to enjoy but sadly you have ruined it with what has to be one of the worst reward shops i've seen in my very long time playing grepo and the 10% bonus gold buy is a cheep offer that rubs a little salt in the wound . happy to spend money on his game but not if you keep slashing the reward s that come from spending. Just encase i didn't make the point clear enough in my little rant... REWARD SHOP TOKENS ARE TRASH for this event please up your game or resign!!