Top 12 Spartans of the Seas Looking for Fierce players In O43, O44, O45


Got what it takes to run with the top alliances? We will see. Join Spartans of the Sea we will test your Metal. Make the grade with us and there will be a spot for you In Olympus. We measure success by Team Work, and Body count. Currently Own O43, and O44
We Want only active players, you hobbiest can join one of the other alliances.

When you Contact us Remember it's not the points you have, but the points you make that will determine your place.

Oh and we like having fun as well
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Good luck.

Did you mean Spartans of the Sea though?
I could not find an alliance called Spartans of the Seas...

I have probably made a mistake, I don't imagine anyone would get the name of their alliance wrong twice in a single post.
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