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Discussion in 'Inactive Topics' started by kuriants, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. kuriants

    kuriants Phrourach

    Nov 9, 2011
    My proposal is that for Special Buildings that you could be able to bring them to level 2 and i would increase there value, power and points. This should only be implemented on Hero Worlds.

    To make the game more exciting and keep people interested. It could also help yourself build your army make your city stronger and bigger.

    Each of the special building would give your city 300 points when they are upgraded to level 2 they would have the same appearance but have a bigger effect. For the first level of special building is 60 pop so the second would be 30 for upgade to level 2. Level 2 would cost 2k extra of each resource to build. For the second level of each building you would need to upgrade the buildings you need to a certain point eg. Tower you need 21 senate and 20 wall for level 1 so for level 2 you would need a 23 senate and a 25 wall

    Some of the Buildings Effect at level 2:

    Thermal Baths: would give an extra 10% of your population so you would have 20% extra population when you have a thermal baths level 2

    Tower: You would get a 5% bonus 10% you get with the first level on your defense troops with a tower level 2 making your city a fort.

    Theatre The processions would cost 5% less and take 10% less time with a level 2 Theatre. More will be added soon.

    Visual Aids:

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  2. SjsharksBoy

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    May 11, 2011
    Excellent idea!!
  3. Interesting concept, but how much population would be consumed for second level additions? 30 pop?
  4. kuriants

    kuriants Phrourach

    Nov 9, 2011
    yes, it is in the Details Part
  5. arul asveen

    arul asveen Guest

    It is an excellent idea
    cant +rep :(
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  6. jonorocks1

    jonorocks1 Guest

    Nice idea mate, i like it. +rep
  7. Tmesis

    Tmesis Phrourach

    Jan 14, 2010
    I think this would unbalance the game a little too much. I'm not sure that for certain buildings, like the tower, that the cost (resources, population etc) to build it are enough to make up for the quite substantial boost you are getting.

    Personally, I think the option to build a special building to level 2 would be great, but it should come at a greater cost, such as not being able to build a second building. So you would either have 1x Level 2 Special Building or 2x Level 1 Special Building. Though, in retrospect, this might just be overly complicated.
  8. Yeah it would unbalance when you think about it. Tower 20%, Sea Storm, Zeus Rage, Desire, Wall, Battering Rams, Phalanx. That adds up to like -50% attacking power
  9. kuriants

    kuriants Phrourach

    Nov 9, 2011
    you cant use all of them spells at once thought you can only have 1 spell on each attack
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  10. Kanga

    Kanga Guest

    I love it. No complaints from me. Enjoy your rep.
  11. square4king

    square4king Guest

    I'd like this in warrior worlds, and perhaps a different skin. And, if you felt ambitious, how does lvl 3 special buildings sound? Anyway great idea, + rep.
  12. a pebble

    a pebble Strategos

    Jul 2, 2010
    Dude, stop posting in these 2 month and 3 month old threads. It legitimately looks like you are spamming to get your post count up.
  13. phoenixavier

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    moved to developments

    please continue to collaborate on this idea
  14. - Horus -

    - Horus - Guest

    lol phoenix, nice one. :D

    Idea seems like a solid one, but I wonder how we would improve the usefulness of the Oracle, the Library, or the Merchant Shops? These seem to be the less commonly used buildings.

    I would suggest that the Theater consume 20% less resources, and shave 20% off the time taken to complete a play, when it reaches the second level. This would be more appropriate for sacrificing 30 pop.
  15. square4king

    square4king Guest

    To a pebble, check phoenix's post. As for oracle, add another method of clairvoyance to the mix: 1 of every however many spy attempts, you get a spy report of them, and library lvl 2 gives you more research points.
  16. - Horus -

    - Horus - Guest

    The library is a mediocre building, you sacrifice 60 farm space for 12 research points. Enough said.

    In order to justify another 30 farm space consumption, you would need the entire academy unlocked for it to be worthwhile, or give it secondary functions.

    Oracle already functions more or less in the way you just described, it gives a report warning you of spy attempts even if they are successful, so how you can build upon having a solid warning with a 100% rate is the real question.
  17. square4king

    square4king Guest

    I meant that 1 of every however many detected spies, you get a spy report of the city spying on you. And as for a secondary function to the library, this dream for a stuck-in-an-ivory-tower professor would, on level 2, allow all percent researches (phalanx, diplomacy, etc.) to act more effectively.
  18. ArShark

    ArShark Strategos

    Sep 26, 2010
    XD, like it, now it's going to be a 2k slinger nuke instead of a 1.5k


    What!!!! You give rep? Why do I never get any :p

    On Topic

    Err..... I feel that this idea would disbalance Grepolis, and encourage simming...

    It's a good concept and a good idea, and I wouldn't be unhappy if this passed.
  20. - Horus -

    - Horus - Guest

    Wow, interesting counter-suggestion for the library, but how much would the improvement be? This would make the library from being borderline useless to being over-powered depending on how exactly it changes research.

    As for the oracle; so instead of just telling you that you were spied upon, it now gives you a report of the units of the city spying on you? Hmm... that might also be over-powered, but it is subjective. Technically I could avoid you getting a report by removing my units for a few seconds just before the spy hits, which could be argued is an unavoidable abuse.