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Grepolis Team
Greetings Players,

This month we have a very easy competition. All you have to do is first correctly identify which god is responsible for which spell (if you are unsure just check your temples) and then identify which spell is needed to activate some rituals.

  1. Call of the Ocean​
  2. Bloodlust​
  3. Population Growth
  4. Narcissism
  5. Illusion
  6. Favourable Wind
  7. Spartan Training
  8. Helmet of Invisibility
  9. Wisdom
  10. Lightning Bolt

Then look at these rituals and correctly identify which spell is required to activate each ritual

  1. Sudden Aid
  2. Summoning of the Nerieds
  3. Chain Lightning
  4. Name one other ritual

We will have 9 winners drawn at random from those with the most correct answers. This competition closes on 3rd August at 9am.

3 x 1000 gold plus Manti II
3 x 750 gold
3 x 500 gold

Any questions message me. When you post your answer will vanish but is viewable by the support team.

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Grepolis Team
Ok the answers here:

  1. Call of the Ocean - Poseidon
  2. Bloodlust - Ares
  3. Population Growth - Hera
  4. Narcissism - Aphrodite
  5. Illusion - Artemis
  6. Favourable Wind - Zeus
  7. Spartan Training - Ares
  8. Helmet of Invisibility - Hades
  9. Wisdom - Athena
  10. Lightning Bolt - Zeus
  1. Sudden Aid - Patroness, Athena
  2. Summoning of the Nereids - Call of the Ocean, Poseidon
  3. Chain Lightning - Lightning Bolt, Zeus
  4. Passionate Population - Population Growth, Hera but there are plenty of others to choose for this one.

Well Done to those who had all correct answers. There were more than 9 so chosen at random from those with all correct:

1000 gold plus Manti II @gibbzy96, @TA3R1SS, @GZmoon

750 gold @indraneela, @MaxSneeze @Crixus1223

500 gold @Zarun, @Mercenary501, @ytres

I will add the gold to your accounts but for the 3 with manti tokens please message me the world you would like them in.