Competition Spot The Difference


<img src="

1 Point per difference
first member to spot it get the point
member with the most points at the end wins a prize

Do Not
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ashik01 - 15 Points
RMD27 - 14 Points
whathell - 10 Points

Round 3
17 differences - 15 found / 2 left

15 differences - 14 found / 1 left

15 differences - 10 found / 5 left

9 differences

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besides the big yellow sun
1.there are 3 squares on the right side of the roof in the top pic and only 2 in the bottom pic

2.and 1 small square in the right side of the yard in the top pic and no square in right front of the building on the bottom pic

3.there is a larger square in front of the building on the yard by the left corner in the top pic...and is gone in the bottom

4.on the left side of the steps there are 3 squares on the top pic...and four on the bottom

thats it for me...i will leave the rest for others

found one

5.on the roof far back left side on the top picture the 2 back squares are even or parallel ...on the bottom picture they are off set/not parallel

6. the large flat square block in the mid front of the building is further to the left in the top picture and scooted over to the right in the bottom picture

7.on the foundation of the right building ..just to the right of the bottom of the steps...there is a line missing on the bottom picture

added pic is hard to describe the differences

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so did i get 7 out of 9...or 8 out of 9 counting the big yellow sun???
cant find any more and am curious...when will the answer be posted??

thanks for trying to keep the forum going here C4
but with out your is very quiet :(


have i been staring at this too long or is the bottom pic rotated some to different angle??
see pic???


Lol, Spotted all nine.

This made me stop playing Grepo just to do this. Dont throw puzzles at me. It's like throwing a stick for a dog...

I marked the differences with nr's. Hope it's ok. Top image (Left) and bottom image (Right)

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1-little rod on head of silver mine
2-academy top open space
3-rod on farm top
4-shadow of farm
5-little window in farm
6-small tree beside market in black circle
7-3 little dots beside market
8-small banner or something in middle of two buildings of warehouse
9-2 rods in front of libarary
10-dots on roof of libarary
11-Small -I pavement beside barracks.
12-sall dot in quarry
13-stone in backyard of temple
14-dots in roof of senate
15-this one was too hard...but when you zoom on silver mine.There is small dark patches just beside the rod which (1st mistake.) is not there in 2nd pic.See original image for more clearity.
EDIT-Added 2 more pics for more veiwing clearity.....1st pic is too small
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You should make edit that there are 16 mistakes in pic...i left after i found 15th one.I can find 16th if i tried :(