Started late, Interested in joining a Alliance..


My apologies to Mods if this is all in the wrong place...

"Was a avid player 1-2 years ago, looking to get back into the game, started this world late, still got 20hrs of BP left, way out in Ocean 57.."

Looking to join the right Alliance, i made mistakes last time playing just by simply joining the wrong Alliances, last time i looked i was no1 in Ocean 57 (nothing to boast about).. but considering iam still under BP, my activity should speak for itself, like to use Skype, know how to attack/defend most of all i know how to work as a team..

The only Alliance invites ive received so far have come without messages, communication is one of the most important things for me so most result in rejection...

Got the same name in-game Spiderpigg2, look me up if you need another soldier..




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way out in Ocean 57...

The only Alliance invites ive received so far have come without messages

of course. you're out in 57, on the rim. thats where the trash alliances go. Sorry to hear it. joining late does have a lot of disadvantages :(


SP, suggest you take advantage of your experience and geographic position and grow like mad.
Keep up the diplomacy, someone will find a use for you.


he has joined us were 56 based but we will use him well
wolf pack


thays too fa for suport maybe black flag would be good for you


Yes join black flag...More cities for us to gobble up... mwuah hah ha
*chuckles.. I mean, ur like scary in a forum. How do you manage that? Nice job on your analysis of the top 12 alliances btw.