Sticks and Stones -- Next Speed 3




"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!"
That's true, Our words will never hurt you, unless you are very sensitive and can't handle sarcasm or dark humor. Then you should probably leave. But our Sticks and our Stones will definitely hurt you, probably break your bones, and then confiscate everything you own including you precious cities

Prefered Settings:
Speed (3)
Conquest or Revolt (Doesnt Matter)
Alliance Cap (Doesnt Matter)
Morale (Doesnt Matter)

About me:
I have been playing for 5 years now, my first server was EN3 Gamma. My partner, Callumaximus has also been playing since EN3 Gamma, and we are looking to get a group of guys together for the next speed 3 server. I have lots of in game experience, including a win on EN55 Idalium. I have been in alliance such as Honour and Power (Original), Route de la Mort, Praetorian Elite, Impact, Dark Wolves, The Fluffernutters, and most recently RedNeck Avengers. I also have extensive leadership experience over a variety of servers. I'm an aggressive player but most importantly I like to have fun. If youre not aggressive, or you dont like to have fun, you dont belong here. After all, breaking someones bones with sticks or stones is fun but aggressive so a fitting name.

To Join:
If you are interested in Joining, we have some open seats available at the Moment. You must have Skype, and If you are looking for a council position, you must either know me or Callumaximus from another server and you must be trustworthy. There is an application below, please fill it out and PM me on the forum or In Game, and I will look it over thoroughly.

Skype Name:
Why you want to Join:
Past Experience:
Link to Grepolis Stats:

Member List:
Drum and Baes
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