Pnp Storm Hug This - They can't stop all of us


Area 51 was a bit of a bummer so we are doing this to pick up the slack.

Here is our excellent battle plan:


As you can see this raid on hug this has had the upmost planning and coordination.

Our objective is storm hug this to 'see them LS nukes' For to long hugs have held a stranglehold over the LS nukes and somehow mass founding is gonna change that? Well whatever the reason for it we need to mass found so we can see them LS nukes up close.


Now onto our battle plan:

First our Naruto runners will slip in founding mass amounts of CS' in Hugs core. (Pictured below)


After Naruto running we shall deploy the noobs to annoy hugs players with unescorted OLU and "our guys who attack with archers" Our unescorted slingers will crush any attempt for hugs to regroup. Finally our Kyles shall use hightened senses to gain insane BP bonuses.

As we continue to push forward we intend to save things from hugs clutches. One such plan is pictured below:


Now some of you may be confused as to why the hounds council is taking such a radical step. Instead of trying to explain the 'complex' layers in our decision i will distract you with memes!!!


Next up we have a Dozer Zigashi in the wild trying to prove a point:

Still unsure as to why this raid is happening? Well as we have only started saying like a few hours ago in Hell Hounds:


Still confused? Well, you'll realise soon enough ;)


What a mesmerising plan that was, by any chance was the Op planner on to many 'E' (sugar rush) numbers.