Stormcloak Rebels


Hey guys, just though id get my growing alliances name out there in the open on the forum as this is where you find the dedicated players, we are looking for recruitment at the moment but it is not a "can i join?" "sure no problem" sort of alliance, anyone can contact us but you will undergo a sort of interview to see if you will be accepted. But you can only join if you are in ocean 67

Please, even if you are not in the ocean or looking to join, just look us up in game and give some feedback here on what you think i could improve on as it isnt working out too well (probably because i amnt mad with giving out the invites "contact first, invite later" thats my motto ). I really would appreciate the feed back.

But if you are someone who is looking for a decent alliance in ocean 67, please check us out as ocean 67 is not plentiful in alliances with potential. Also I lead lot of alliances so do not worry about experience.

Anyway if you are thinking of joining, here is our profile description to give you a hint what we are all about
This is the alliance of the Stormcloak Rebels, we are a united alliance, who will never stop fighting for the freedom of our people!

When you look at our ranking on the leaderboard, our numbers, you will not be scared...yet.
For we are reason the term Elite Alliance was made! We are exactly that!

Pacts will not be shown when they are made, when other alliances do this it is a weakness that we will exploit.

Recruiting is open to anyone at the moment as you can not tell the strength of a player at this early stage, it will be judged if you can join on
1: Your experience (this is needed) in any area
2:Your ability to write proper english
3:MUST be located in ocean 67, or do not waste my time

For recruitment, diplomacy and any other matter you deem important, contact achilles-08
Leonidas stormcloak

Mark my words, be not afraid to ask for membership, just write a good letter stating experiences and what you can bring to this alliance

Life Is Warfare
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

general baza

Good luck!! Great name id say you are a big Skyrim Fan.
About the feedback on your alliance it looks like you are well organised and all but in bad need of member so maybe put out a good few invites until you are reasonably strong then you can give them interviews ;) just my opinion


Haha you know me too well already, and I see your point about the lack of members, but I have been in this position before with alliances and done as you said but then I fell victim to the lure of short-lived MRA success, I refuse to fall for it again.

But saying that, I am very pleased with our progress, only a day old but in the top 15 in our ocean (67) with committed members.
But thank you for your contribution :)

Also thanks HopelessDreamer, hopefully I will not need it ;)


Best of luck with your alliance :) one of the best recruitment posts on the ephesus forum :)


Lol thanks skully, it took a long time coming up with it, i knew it needed a skyrim theme :p

Also thanks a lot Shadow, that means a lot, I do try to seperate myself from the "we are awesome! join us! any ocean!" sort of alliances :p


Best of luck with your alliance :) one of the best recruitment posts on the ephesus forum :)
Shadows right, this is once of the better forum threads created, Good luck with the alliance mate, I know how difficult it can be to make a good strong rim alliance.


Thanks middy, this means a lot.
I think I might need that luck, you are very right about the rim alliance thing but if you look hard enough every so often you come across a dedicated player. So i'll keep it going anyway


Haha of course it is! If you read the comments you would know that!


Well since It has been a while since anyone posted here I think ill give a quick update on our progress which looks like a first on this forum :)

Well we have grown tremendously quickly in our ocean and passed out allainces who have been there twice as long and are we are currently placed 2nd in our ocean unfortunately placed well behind the ocean leaders Scorpion Elite Forces but we are hoping to close the gap :)

Currently 66 in world which is a huge achievement I think due to being right on the fringes and starting a month late

I believe we have proved ourself not to be an MRA which is an achievement in its own right (albeit a small one)

Any feedback on how you think I could improve my alliance is welcome

cabz bii

War always helps improve your alliance mate ;)

take on the ocean leaders and start farming them lol.

then you gain experiance and a good name for your alliance.

always be aggressive WAR IS THE ANSWEAR


Yeah Caz is right. Earn a name amoung your ocean and pretty soon, you could stand a chance against Scorpion Elite Forces.
P.S. An alliance with Elite in its name, usually isn't elite