Pnp Story of Dacia


Due some problems with first part of PnP I will post the second one now and we will see what will happen :D

When Zeta was still young we heard rumors about World Wonders and 2.0!

So our Leaders started to make Plans and prepare WW Islands!
Our players started to colonize and conquer the cities on Islands!

And then One day Evolution 2.0 Arrived and we knew that we must start!
So what first??? The Pyramid

We was very fast and The Jinn tried to stop us with their attacks!

But then Peace time.......DCS was like this because of Xmas and New Year

And The Jinn sawed opportunity and they grab it!
They finished Pyramid first!

But DCS will not give up so easily!

We got mad and we build build until this!
3 WW completed!

And then Fight for the Pyramid again!

And then Our Champion Armenoid did something unbelievable!
He defeated enemy by him self.........

And then it was official we were Winners of Zeta!

The One and Only Dacia!!