Story time


So the original Pirate Nation disbanded some time ago, we have since reformed though for the time being we're just messing around and seeing what will be happening in the future of sigma. I thought it was time to share with the world the story of how we became a strong alliance in the old days. I hope you all enjoy it ;)

Chapter 1 The Beginning

The empire of The Grand Order had been growing steadily for the last few weeks and the recent war with eGOD and aappiiss was finally over. However a new threat had raised it's banner and upped attacks on the empire, The Pathfinders had been raiding cities regularly and were clearly getting ready for war.

Vevell the King worried about losing land to this agressive nation wished to seek peace rather then fight a war. Falicon97 lord of a southern city bordering The Pathfinders land shrieked in fear every time a war was openly discussed.

Fed up with this cowardly talk from both lords and king Scullionus spoke with the other lords and ladies in the north, "i'm fed up with this talk of peace when we are under attack, what would you say to leaving and forming our own empire?" the reply was instant and unanimous. "lets do it!"

Word was sent out and a new nation was formed, The Pirates set sail and immediately began setting themselves up with a strong hold in the north.

"Yarr mateys who should we fight first?" Called out Cap'n Sculli.

"Well i've been under attack by New Heroes just north of us." replied Netman

"Excellent a nice easy target te start with lets raid their cities!"

3 days later and New Heroes was no longer in existence, their remaining leaders had joined Pirate Nation the other members being cleared or inactive.

"Yarr mateys that war be an easy one lets look at a real challenge next, just south of us there be a country called The Grand Zodiacs lets take those cities away from them."

Thus the first true war of Ocean 35 began, Cap'n Sculli made the mistake of offering The Pathfinders the chance to work with Pn on fighting TGZ, the then leader of TP welshy scared of fighting PN in the future instantly contacted the leaders of TGZ and made a coalition to fight PN. This was a mistake that would bring around the end of The Pathfinders.


Chapter 2 The Pathfinder Zodiac war

So the war begun with Pirate Nation opening fire against Bruhaha333 who owned a lovely big city on an island in our main area of effect, his ally and it turns out brother TDBaby retaliated alongside bruhaha in attacks against Cap'n Sculli.

But the pirates being the agressive and destructive warriors they are famed for proved their worth by destroying everything in their path. The first city to be taken went to Pirate Nation and was Bruhaha333s main, the coalition between The Pathfinders and The Grand Zodiacs made many attacks on the siege in this city but facing overwhelming odds from a mere four players in the alliance were thwarted.

The Grand Zodiacs proved that day their noob ability, with their leader Lord Akumi sending aid to our conquest rather then attempting to break the siege, seeing this hilarious and entertaining episode Bosun Ashleythompson brought it to the notice of the other pirates aiding in the siege. Cap'n Sculli unable to hold the laughter in for long mailed all the many many lords of TGZ with an image of the incoming support. None replied. Happily Lord Akumi had a plan.

"Any member in the north who feel there city may be lost, try to get a back-up city here in the south or central ocean 35 asap just in case, this is by no means a retreat or anything of the sort!!! Simply a city to fall back on should the worst happen. I myself will NEVER give up a war never have never will and i am moving further north to be in this battle more. By NO MEANS is this a retreat."

After having sent everything they could to break this siege the members of the coalition were extremely disheartened.

"I can't be assed with this game anymore so take what you can and enjoy." Said Welshy

"yarr thats not right, you can't start a war and then ditch your players. Your leading that alliance so lead it. If you aren't happy with whats going on talk with your good players and join us." Replied Cap'n Sculli.

"Honestly i just don't like this game anymore... I need to get back to my training and athletics and work on university. I've dropped right back on all of em so i need to get back on bored with reality. And about the leading them into it, I'll hang round till this war turns around. You do know that you can't out beat over 300 cities with 50 dont you?" said Welshy rather foolishly.

"yarr harr harr ye be talking out of yer *** their laddy numbers mean nothing it's about activity and co-ordination. We took bruhahas city last night we're taking another three citys today from TGZ and three of their biggest members are leaving to join us. Their leader already sent a mail telling them to retreat down south." Laughed Cap'n Sculli

For many days the pirates laughed and laughed drinking rum and boasting about the kills they made. But the war was not yet over, there were still plenty of cities left to take and the pirates were still thirsty for blood.

Deciding on a plan of action to break the spirit of both these alliances the pirates focused solely on The Grand Zodiacs, and having heard tell from secret sources of what was said in the forums of TGZ by old members of The Grand Order they did invite several who were close enough to aid in the war and be aided should they come under attack. Vevell the king proved himself a loyal and strong supporter to those in PN whom he had made friends with. Being humbled by this show of support and loyalty the pirates offered a place by their side which vevell happily accepted.

In a matter of days Pirate Nation had taken many cities from TGZ destroying the coalitions morale in the process, TP having to use their troops to aid their allies rather then their own members were clearly beginning to feel the strain, some smaller players were asking for an invite to which the answer was a resounding no.

So Sculli mailed their last remaining leader after Welshy mysteriously disappeared.

"Yarr matey i have sent mail to your other leaders on the profile but received no word in a long time, i'm rather confused right now we've been fighting your two countries for about two days now and seen no attacks why is that?" Cap'n Sculli mailed to Assault232

"What is the point of your last message? What info do you seek?" replied Assault of The Pathfinders.

"Well we be wondering why your country not be willing to attack us, TGZ are clearly noob and useless but we fought TP would be more of a challenge. I'm still confused as to why your country chose to fight us rather then work with us." Said Sculli

"I like your arrogant attitude and boldness. The next time I talk to you will be wishing you luck in your next life in a new game as i shovel the last piece of dirt on your grave!!!" Relied Assault.

"Yarr harr harr your country dosn't seem able to do much of anything. We've existed a week and we're over half your ABP already. We've made several succesful operations over the weekend got several conquests going on at the same time tonight. We're growing strong and quick, all our members work for the alliance, we all like one another you and TGZ outnumber us 2-1 but who is winning this war? Do you want to know why?
Probably not but i'll tell you, because I can lead an alliance well, I make good operations with good maps, all our members are active and agressive, your country is not run well your countries leaders havn't even logged on in two days. Your members don't all work together, your leaders pacted with the wrong alliance and declared war without even thinking about what it would take to get rid of us. What kind of operations have you got going? Here are their players go kill them... Sorry dude but i doubt there is much of anything your Country can really do to us. We're almost done with the first phase of our updated plan since your Country declared war on us. Next we will begin to work on your members, lets see if Your so arrogant when that happens!!!" Replied Cap'n Sculli in a fit of anger.

That night an op was made by Assault to attack PN for an entire day, he had also been in contact with Phoenix hatchlings to try and bring yet another country into the fray. Hearing this news the pirate lords conversed and decided they must seek a pact with PH and their core alliance of Phoenix Risen in order to finish off these alliances.

"I'm led to believe The Pathfinders have asked you to aid in an all out assault on our members.

The Pathfinders and The Grand Zodiacs together have not been able to take our nation down.

Infact we've been taking it to TGZ so much that they no longer have a real presence in our area.

I have friends in your brother alliance Phoenix Risen who are also fighting against The Grand Zodiacs.

Also you should know that the leaders of [aly]The Pathfinders[/ally], Welshy and JKP3nt, have gone inactive.

I'd like to offer you an alliance between our two nations. We've got active warriors and a strong leadership. I can make operations to help you and your members.

I ask you why would two of the top 4 alliances come to you asking for aid against the third ranked alliance? one with less then half their members. It's very simple really they can't take us down so they go to outside sources to try and get some help.

The Pathfinders are on the brink of destruction, with no leadership and many inactive players they don't really stand a chance of knocking us out of these waters.

You and your alliance stand on the brink of deciding the fate of ocean 35, you could take the top spot in the ocean should you help us, and you will also be taking away an ally of Phoenix Risens enemy." Cap'n Sculli mailed to the leaders of PH (kelubuc1 and ecirapateci)

Two days later and Pirate Nation had pacted with Phoenix Hatchlings and Phoenix Risen to take out the remaining players of both TP and TGZ.

TP upon hearing this news fell apart and reformed into Asmodeus. Pirate Nation did not cancel the war with these players, though the allies they expected to work with on taking the ocean over refused to continue with the war and made a pact. This was the start of bad blood in this fresh coalition.


Chapter 3 The time of peace

Asmodeus didn't last long after an expertly made conquest by our very own patu89 legendary warrior of Pirate Nation they relised that though they had reformed under a new name things really hadn't changed.

"I'm fed up with the inactivity in this alliance may i join you guys?" requested Assault232

"Yarr matey welcome aboard, if ye have any mateys ye wish to bring with ye just say the word." Replied the Cap'n

shortly after that Assault232 opened discussions with the other members of Asmodeus about a possible merger with PN. Many of the members were smart and followed assault into our ranks. Some were not so smart, in particular Jayaris Founder of Asmodeus and hated troll of the external forums he chose to go to Phoenix Risen. <-- with a dot.

To stop any chance of the other members of Jayaris little motley band of insubordinates PNs northern quarter opened up full broad sides on them and began working on taking their cities.

PR.<-- with a dot, attempted to recruit them none the less but with PN demanding their immediate kick as attacks would not be stopped they were eventually kicked out, but then joined Phoenix Risen main through an old invite...

The incidents contributed to some anger in the council as to the behaviour of our newest allies, but for the time being we decided on keeping the peace so as to regrow our losses and expand our influence in these waters.

so to this end we chose a new target alliance so we could gain ground in the north. Wraith were the target and Mr Simple was our main target, however shortly into making attacks on him we got a message requesting entry to our alliance.

After a short discussion we decided it would be more beneficial to gain these members and begin preparing to dominate our ocean.

Chapter 4 Domination

So tensions had been rising high with the incidents in Phoenix Risen and their academy with us. The council felt now was the time to drop our pact and begin operation Domination. Talks had been ongoing with Hamster360 of D.N. about a possible alliance, they wanted help to get rid of a thorn in their side (Vendetta) and we wanted an ally to aid us against PR main.

With the recent merge from then Wraith we had gained a very strong foothold in the north and east of 35. This left us at a disadvantage however as we would be fighting a war on two fronts. West against PR. <-- with a dot and East with PR main.

However thanks to alot of activity and strong co-ordination between the members we were more then able to demolish the academy alliance in short order. Focusing on their leaders in order to make mass panic in their alliance we quickly demolished their main leaders armies. Some retaliated and every time we gained some trouble we turned our attention to that member.

By doing this we forced all their actual fighters into retreat, Jayaris fell before the mighty cutlass' of our northern group, alongside several others some of which asked for an invite as they were tired of being attacked >.>

Eventually all resistance in PR. <-- with a dot was demolished and only Kelubuc1 remained to be wiped out so we focused our whole attention on him. shortly after the change in tact we received a mail requesting entry and rights. Many members were not happy with the request for rights, some disagreed with bringing him in. But in the end we chose to invite him.

All that was left to do was work against the main alliance. However things with D.N. had taken a turn for the worse.

Hope you enjoyed the story of the original PN, their is another chapter to write but i never got round to it and may not do either sorry about that :p


Grepolis player profile: Scullionus (Alliance changes)

Old alliance New alliance Time of change Account points
H SPARTIATES Pirate Nation 18th September 2011 - 05:07:04 88,507 - WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHY HE LEFT/KICKED OUT - constantly attacking with lightning bolts and plague - clear he had took up noob tactics
A Rogue Player H SPARTIATES 27th August 2011 - 19:06:47 51,054
None A Rogue Player 25th August 2011 - 23:06:43 36,151
D.N. None 6th August 2011 - 19:06:36 55,451 - THIS IS WHERE THE STORY ENDS
Pirate Nation D.N. 26th July 2011 - 05:06:50 66,129
None Pirate Nation 13th July 2011 - 09:06:34 64,438
Wraith Nation Pirate Nation 27th May 2011 - 05:06:34 43,817
Pirate Nation Wraith Nation 27th May 2011 - 03:07:20 43,817
The Grand Order Pirate Nation 9th May 2011 - 03:07:19 4,421
Ayenthith The Grand Order 23rd April 2011 - 01:08:00 1,924
None Ayenthith 13th April 2011 - 05:07:32 507


Grepolis player profile: Scullionus (Alliance changes)

Old alliance New alliance Time of change Account points
H SPARTIATES Pirate Nation 18th September 2011 - 05:07:04 88,507 - WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHY HE LEFT/KICKED OUT - constantly attacking with lightning bolts and plague - clear he had took up noob tactics
nah i left because they had nothing to do with it, didn't want them coming under attack when you started attacking me, I did bombard you with annoying spells like an MRA player, I was bored and simming inside a MRA what else is there to do but use the MRA tactic too annoy and harrass? :p

Was going to be coming back recently when i heard some buddies wanted to break off and cause some trouble the old way. But we'll see.