stuff hapenin' heaR ??


Hey guys , been a while since I checked on this forum :p

I used to be on kappa , And I got about 100.000 pts , but got vored , so whats happenin' nowedays ?? , VRoD used to be the best when I was there :p , so whats happenin' any wars ??


well i just noticed this huge gaping hole that rogue used to fill, VRoD collapsed... and i just noticed some merges.

so yeah pllz of kappa tell us what happened here

King Beast

Well we all still trying to figure it out ourself... :)

But rumour has it that PE are pacting or already have pacts in place with:

Strike Force
Wolf Pack

With the idea that this will surround little old 5KP...

Now this rumour is yet to be confirmed by PE sources, but the players of Strike Forces squeal info fast to aviod been attacked... he he

Not the kinda pacts we'd looking for... :p

So it may seem PE's war on the world is no longer the case.

Maybe its a tactical decision in using what could only be classed as:
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Hannibal I

Hello King Beast

I can confirm that PE have a pact with Strike force.. but we have had for along time almost since the two were formed...

As to wolf pack.... who???

And we have a 1 month rolling pact with Dictators (reviewed every month)

but PE are at war with everyone else.... not that many now though as they are all leaving