Summer Grepolympia Feedback Thread


Hey folks look at the time these previous folks folks have.... they have been around................ will INNO or anybody else listen to them???????????????
not a hope just provide more and more time worn excuses..... if its not working fix it... if you cant fix it find someone that can...


Well, the issue with the event was simply an error in the event being setup wrong, where actual bugs require significant code changes and work. The two aren't comparable. Also, small UI tweaks and improvements are often added to the game where we have time in a release to do so, whereas large errors, or bugs require a significant time investment, so can take longer than many would like to fix. Lastly, our game is developed in 2 weekly sprints, so when we release an update, and a bug is reported, this bug may not be fixed until the next update, which is fairly standard practice for games development.
So are you saying that if the bugs (created by Innos poorly tested updates) aren't corrected in the update this week, that we have to wait a further 2 weeks for any hope of them being fixed?

Maybe Innos should compensate players for their failure to provide a properly tested playable game. Maybe free gold should be provided to all players for the time that these issues exist on a scale that increases with each week that the issues remain (say 500 gold for first complete week, 1000 the second week etc) .. that this will affect their gold sales is almost a guarantee that issues will be fixed quickly!!! Then once they are fixed any new features should be tested on beta for a minimum of a month before being introduced on other servers to avoid this continuing fiasco!!!


Am I the only one seeing that the values in the training points tablee on the wiki are completely off?
Inno can't do even this little thing right. Had it wrong in the beginning, updated 07:00am 27/06, messed up with icons and got wrong values again! ))))


The Event leads us to a wiki page when we click on "?" in game. The training points for each unit given especially in the case of mythical units is either incorrect completely outdated. example

I am playing speed 3 en-111 Methone.

We take Medusa and Manticore in our comparison for the Archer event.

According to wiki,

Medusa = 2223*1.75/3 = 1296 training points per unit
Manticore= 1846*1.75/3= 1076.833 training points per unit

According to In Game Grepolis,

Medusa = 1239 training points per unit
Manticore = 1557 training points per unit

It is the case with almost all other units of the game as well, significant differences between the values given in wiki compared to that in game. Manticores clearly outrun Medusa heavily in the real scenario in contrast to the values given in wiki.

Please bring this up with the wiki team as there are some old players who still do preparations and not just depend on gold to play the event, and tend to refer to data given in wiki before event starts.

@Baudin Toolan @Richard


Lots of us love this shoddy old MMO, if you wanna rehash the same events over and over please make sure:

A) It works on time, on every server.

B) The information in the links (provided by inno wikis) is correct.

You could even include a wiki link specific to each game speed/server type?

Why provide a garbage service for the same price as a good one, never good for business.


The training points per unit table is still wrong.
If you need time to fix it, please remove it for the time being.
If you can't be bothered to fix it, please remove it.

It is not the first time this event is held, if this cannot be done properly I wonder what else.