Summer Starts Now!!

Hahahaha Bibor has only need 2 weeks for penetrate 50% of an server apparently you are in 50% getting rekt :')
Sure we got luck and we won but don't forget u are only 4th u dont have the right to speak about this.

J.n.c 93

Bibor is busy AF posting all these comments to make it look like he isn't a one man multi account extraordinaire. Scary that one noob can have this many personalities and even be a one man 1st place alliance lol! Never mind, only be here for couple of weeks.
I was thinking the same thing...

Infected virus

Guys I need your help. I don't understand something :

Alliance Limit - 33
Somes alliance have got 35 membres, so I guess than Alliance limit is 35 and not just 33 or I'm wrong ?

Thank's for your answers :)