Not a Bug Summoning of the nereids failed to work


Rituals:Summoning of the nereids didn't work in my world. The resource costs of the ship remained the same when I used it with Call of the ocean. This is the fourth times-two in Us server, two in NAGIDOS. I still have one in the inventory.


Are you sire you are using it correctly? You have to cast the spell FROM the city that has the summoning active. You dont have to activate the spell in a city that worships poseidon, just cast it from the specific city that it is activated at. You do that by casting the spells at island view from the city that has the spell active TO the city that you want the cost reduction. If you cast the spell from city view, then it only works on the city you have activated the spell on


If anyone is experiencing issues with rituals being cast properly but without the effect, contact in game support promptly while the spell effect is in progress.