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So wait. If Im getting this right, this is what this is suggesting:

The farms current function remains the same and you can support it with troops or vice versa if your enemy owns it. Thus keeping the original function and adding a possibility to fight on farms?

if so, I like it


The farms are changed so only the player occupying it can gain resources from it?

if so, i dont like it

- Horus -

As Corinthian II suggested before, this might become more problematic if you supported a village on an island with alliance members, you wouldn't want to block off them from gathering resources.


I swear there were many ideas before about supporting farming villages and now it's finally coming true? Can't wait! Speed 1 worlds like Upsilon tend to leave players by themselves on islands from people not liking the settings and so they get attacked and can't dodge anywhere near by. I can't wait for this update!!!

Never mind. This is too much like Grepolis 1.0 farming system. :supermad:
Reason: because you had to manually send units to farm. But that's my personal opinion because I preferred the 2.0 farming village system (with the exception of the last village being a fortress) because of the equality and balance it brought to the game.
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I like the idea but would impliment it like this:
* In Farming popup, before "Demand" is support.
* Troops from any alliance or pact alliance can support together as a "support group" with a limit of 1000 farm spaces ("spaces")
* If a player sends troops to support and the "support group" isnt theirs then the troops will attack the "support group".
* Player in support group can demand/loot at rate of (%) = (100 + (spaces/20)
* Player not in support group can demand/loot at rate of (%) = (100 - (spaces/20)
* A player conquoring a village will first attack the village (conquoring it) and then look to attack the support in the village. That player is then able to demand/loot as a player not in support but will have lost troops if the village isnt in their support group.

This means a player whom is in support group can receive 150% of demand/loot, whereas player not in will only receive 50% of demand/loot. Please note that I dont expect that Grepolis will be interested in making this change.
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