Survival and Honor


I may not be a big dog in Grepolis, but I'm far from being a noob and wanted to get some other opinions on some issues.

I'm a guy that believes in honor and dignity. An alliance that operates with integrity and class is a great alliance regardless of whether they win a big war or the top awards from a world. There are a few things that I find terribly disheartening.

1. I have seen many players willing to jump ship and abandon their alliance when things get tough. It's hard to admit defeat, but it should be harder to run for cover and leave your mates behind.

2. I have seen many alliances willing to fill their ranks with the refugees mentioned above. I get it, kind of. Some johnny on the run comes to you with a request to join and he has some nice cities. Why not take him in? If you want to take in deserters, then your ranks are only getting people who are unwilling to stick out a rough fight. Why not make them surrender to the people who did the leg work and got them running in the first place? No honor in this.

3. I have seen many pacts go out the window at a whim. If you don't want to honor a pact agreement, then don't make it. Or at least try and negotiate a change in terms before you just blatantly disregard the entire thing. I know that all pacts come to an end eventually because the WW stage is set up that way. Why not operate with some loyalty until closer to the time?

These are just my thoughts. Forgive me if I live in a world of imagination where people would choose honor to be a factor of their survival. Please correct and rebuke me if these are some old fashioned notions. I would like to hear the thoughts of some other Sestos leaders.


I see nothing wrong with taking in refugees, so long as you are strong enough to defend them. It's human nature to survive, so of course refugees will want to find an alliance that can protect them. If there is an alliance willing to take them for reasons that will benefit them, then why not?

With regards pacts, even in real war they are thrown out on whim. Hitler & Stalin pact springs to mind, the survival and success of your people is more important than any pact.

With that said I personally will go down with the ship. It's AOTA for life, for me and I would rather Ghost than join another alliance. They have taught me so much and there are so many great people there.


Juggernautz, your loyalty to the alliance is commendable. This is what I see as honorable.

Perhaps it is I that should re-think how this game is played regarding refugees and pact agreements.