Tactial Assault Squad (T.A.S.) Recruitment


Our squad is in need of members, below i have posted our page with gives info and tell whats special about us. We are still in need of leaders like generals and high ranking officers to help lead.

Our alliance is special because we recruit all, but unlike other alliances like ours we still maintain being elite. We do this by breaking down into divisions. This divisions our then controlled by division leaders. Some divisions hold only elite members while other our evenly balanced.

We are the Tactical Assault Squad.We will crush all in our way during our journey to the top. We support each other and are always fighting like. Members should be active and check accounts at least twice a week to update account, help other members, and to participate in alliance activities.

We are currently in recruitment mode. We will accept almost anyone as long as you are not already in an alliance. Small tasks may be required for acceptance. Message fixatorman (Founder) or Gretz191237 (Leader) for info or request.