Pnp Tales of Two Cities


City A: Movie: Answers, reasons, and actions

Main Male Actor: GriffGriffin
Main Actress: pagodaswan

Villian (Gender cannot be confirmed): played for this movie only by Khan Pathan (someone must take the role!)
Grif said:
I have intentionally made a point not to name the person.
But if you look back in this thread, it will probably become clear who it was.
(pro tip, it is the person calling ME names)
Maffia cast aka Leadership (Gender various) Praehelios; Lilithka; Ryan1066; Tillerland;

Cheerleaders: (very pretty) Jabba55; Joseph Nieves; PrimarySoldier01; Pericles; rachidc

Innocent by standers (Very male): X Alpha male; deno zvani sexy

Darkside Camp: Tea City

One fine morning Grif placed his name on an internal to expand his empire, and was heading towards his claim

But evil Khan had other ideas

Khan said:
Long story short, he is a bad tempered guy with no mental stamina. Ghosted in babyrage over a childish issue.
Yet grif was determined, what had his name in the front, needs to be his.... he stayed focussed and increased his attacks!

One by by the attacks got wiped off....
Grif was getting rather angry about the situation...

Whilst the villain seeing his oppertunity, snuck in a cs
Author said:
His units are killed by the enemy biremes. Ask Epidemic, they will have the reports. Second, city was always for him. He was offered the city but he refused to take it.
It was a simple matter of slipping in short distance CS by team mate before enemy support could arrive. City would be handed over to him after that. What's wrong in doing that?

Grif now at his end of the thether... wrote to the

Narlot said:
Hmmm, you certainly complained to leadership, but as one of them, how did you reply to yourself?
Prae said:
Teamwork obviously isn't an art form you are familiar with. It baffles me how someone can play victim in this scenario. You had a temper tantrum and in turn punished the masses for the fault of the few. Handing off cities to the players you call "Friends" would have been admirable. Instead, you ghost, alert the enemy, and they field punishment by association. All in all, the action didn't warrant this reaction. Glad to see the ones with unpredictable attitudes exit sooner than later. Good riddance.
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Cheerleaders go:
Dextroii said:
All I have to say is man I hope you change your name no matter the reasoning contacting an enemy leader and saying take my cities. Big time no no. Anyways sorry about the situation good luck.
Pags said:
When it has happened to me or has been alerted to me by another player in that situation.....where a city is clearly reserved and another team member or allied team member with reservation data share has been in and effectively stolen the city thus ignoring a reservation...I have been known to write a very strong PM to the thief with a warning that if he or she does it again they will be internalised and that they should arrange to hand the city across to the rightful owner (the one with the reservation originally) immediately or face sanction

Usually the thief will climb down, apologise profusely for being a total plank and hand across the city willingly with added resources and spells as compensation

There have been occasions though where the thief has not recently in Abdera who constantly watched for reservations and stole cities....he was warned twice....handed over twice...stole a 3rd city and before he could move in and start redecorating, he was internalised and thrown out...and sent a PM to the effect that Leadership will not be ignored and that he was not above anyone else in the team and as such he had overstayed his welcome (he also had a record of attacking green flagged and NAP cities too, so no real loss when he was removed)

He put up a fight against internalisation...but he was soon disposed of and left the server

PS said:
First off the person who took your reserved city was an absolute retard in my opinion. Not only did he take a reserved city but then gave you attitude once he took the city. That's what I don't understand. "I stole something of value from you, get over it." Thats darn bull stuff. What made it even worse is the fact that he knowingly LET your troops die. And then they call what he did teamwork. lol. Killing your own alliance mates troops (doesn't matter that is was not his own birs. The fact that Griffs attacks were landing on a city the alliance had already taken, and there was support in the city which could have been removed by the click of a button) is not bloody teamwork.
Rac said:
Sadly every leader has dealt with this issue and i find that asking for 24 hours to deal with an issue helps all parties.Shame this happened you were a great enemy but lost some respect for you as your accusations to the player of cheating and threatening to go to the mods was pathetic for such an experienced player but your dogged determination is admirable and a great attribute for any player friend or enemy.
Ryan1066 said:
I understand the argument that it's a team and the alliance taking a city is all that matters, but if the guy in your alliance intentionally sunk your nukes after stealing the city out from under you, he should have been punished and likely booted and recycled. No place for that type of garbage.
Tea City said:
Yep,you should have joined No Brakes, lol

? said:
What the leaders did wrong:
1) Didn't impose any consequences for disregarding a reservation and killing a teammate's nukes.
2) Thought a city would make up the loss of troops from (un)friendly fire.
3) Didn't step in and work on a solution.

The leaders basically accepted that the player did his own thing and not correcting it. The other player is a loser for not respecting a reservation and then with the (un)friendly fire incident. A real leader would have made him give up the city and at the very least make him give resources to help rebuild the lost troops. Being that the player did his own thing twice he probably has troubles listening and it's probably easier to internalize and kick him.

With all that said going to the enemy and saying here take these was a bad way to handle it. Makes you more wrong than the other guy, or at least look worse than him.
Interview with Khan:Can you please answer
1. How do you feel about the saga with Grff?
2. Do you feel that you acted inappropriately given the nature of the situation?
3. How do you describe Griff's role as an Musketeer so far?
Interview with Prae:Can you please answer
1. One word to describe Griff?
2. What went wrong?
3. Do you have many such saga's involving internals?
Reply was:
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City B:Disclaimer: The PnP you are about to read all characters and players are unknown or fictional characters, has no true likeness/resemblance to any player. The clips are all poorly staged for this production purposes only and would like you to believe that it's 100% fictional!

One calm afternoon, bp hunting Bagpuss launched an attack

However the victim felt rather nervous with seeing red arrows heading his way, and panicked
all alone with no one to help, he hit the button and turned into a

Bagpuss went
what the hell that's my city. Who's around to help me...?

And then he spotted his friend Jeffrey close by so he asked
Jeffery please take that city for me and pass my way, will you mate?

Jeffrey said.... why not my friend
but you owe me!
So he raced towards the ghost promptly and claimed the city!!

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Now this is where it gets a bit complicated, Bagpuss claimed he was sending revolt attacks to claim ‘his city'

However Jeffrey thought 'I need bp, might as well make some profit where I can', so he left is troops, call for some reinforcements by activating militia!!!

Whilst hearing that Jeffery was getting attacks friends Rosy and Josie said they are coming to his aid
(But they didn't really send any, because that would not be nice to Bagpuss)

Jeffrey not too pleased with what he was seeing increased his attacks!!! Asking Jeffrey why he activated militia? why. why why?!?!?

Two attacks were wiped off this earth. Next one hit.... but what!? To this surprise mutiny by Jeffrey!! Actually not... Bagpuss did send the attack but not a revolt attack!!

Whilst Jeffrey, Rosie, and Josie laughed, Bagpuss was rather upset and like any young un hit the bottle.....

And finally Bagpuss managed to get the city under revolt! And he went home a happy moggy worse for wear but happy none the less

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Morning came: Whole clan stood by waiting to see at that precise time for that 'attack carrying the cs' to land and ownership to change hands. Or will double crossing Jeffrey show his true colorgasm and turn on Bagpuss?

Time is here.... and city is now under management of.....

Interview with Bagpuss
I Candy said:
What did you feel when your revolt attacks failed?
And your friend activating militia against you?
Bagpuss answers said:
he wasn't online the first time and he left the troops in the city
about the militia, i don't know what to say
he knew there were only 6 harpies attacking
maybe a joke from him
i don't know
Interview with Jeffrey
I Candy said:
Do you feel guilty for activating militia?
Jeffrey answers said:
I put the militia like I should do when I get attacked
os no i dont feel guilty
now I thought he had put revolt in the first attack when he killed my lions, but he didnt put revolt in it
then i Went to the train and to work
suddenly theres a lot of attacks and i get the phone and put militia if now some Fi try to get revolt
but the result was Bagpuss who send new attack for revolt
and he got killed with the militia
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Tea city

That was funny OJ.
I especially liked that saying about fish.
Give someone a fish and he will eat a day.
Teach someone how to fish and he will drink beer all day, lol
It reminds me mioune as a beer drinker but I wonder if you can teach Fisherman how to fish:d
Maybe we should assign mioune to teach him,since his beer habits points out he is a good fisherman:d
+ rep.
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