Tattle Tales - Who are we tattling on next? (Premade For EN130)


Tattle Tales Premade

Grepolis is more and more a game of behind the back tactics and lying, so why not spice it up and join a premade who is all about that:cool:

In all seriousness though, beginner players need homes just as much as vets... we all started somewhere. If you are active and enjoy a good fight, feel free to PM me or add me on discord(Jive#4528). Ive been out of the game for a while but im ready to jump back in and tattle on some babies, or grown men, so someone point me to the nearest diplo;)

Roster: Who knows, maybe ill just tell you

Founder: Rangled ... Or Sr. Baby

Discord: Jive#4528 (Incase you didn't wanna read the garbage above)

Spice this thread up for me and get to some trash talkin, or whatever your suppose to do on the forums, im bored:rolleyes:

oh and if you recognize me, PM me, its been a while and i miss all your cute faces:p