Intermediate Team Competition(Un-offical) Sign ups and Rules

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Hello and welcome to the Team Competitions. Here on this thread I will describe the competition, and the rules. Now shall I begin?

About the Competition:

In these contest you will team up with 2 other Gfx artist to create Collabs, and Compete to see who is the best team.(prize may be added in Later on.) You must create a team of three with a team name and logo to compete.

Sign Up requirements:

Team Name:
Team Logo:
Team Members:

Competition Rules:

All 3 Members Must have worked on Collab.
Maximum size of pieces: 200 by 400 (unless other wise told.)
No ripping from tutorials or other pieces.
Must follow theme given by Competition "Admin" (Me, Couldn't come up with other name.) or tag will not be posted.
You or your team cannot vote for yourself or tell other people to vote for it.
Cannot show Tag to other people besides team mates before Voting thread opens.
Please Post Logo, Team Name, Team Members on this thread.
Do Not post Tags for competition on this thread! Please PM those to me.


Week 1: Freestyle
Week 2: Video Game
Week 3: Space
Week 4: Nature
Week 5: Freestyle
Week 6: Spring
Week 7: Water

Now Gfx artist unite, compete, and decide whose team is "Grepolis's Best" Gfx Team!


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Since competitions need to be approved by a mod and this wasn't along with the fact SotW season 3 will be going up shortly I'm closing this for the now.
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