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Now that Krypt have won Gela, i was wondering if now was a good time to share our favourite stories of our time in Gela. I am sure we have all had our fair share of being smug, frustrated etc etc etc. As things wind down and we realise that actually that complete and is actually quite a nice person, and if we had generated our first city closer together, we might of been friends.

So here is mine to kick things off. My first ever grepo mate was a noob like me, but he did not have the time to get into the swing of things quickly. This Guy left my first alliance " The Bish" quite a few times for this reason or another but always kept coming back, we must of hopped him back at least three times from distant oceans. Each time coming back really keen. Every time he came back i would bust my proverbials, just to get him home and safe. Then he would disapear again, last time i spoke to him, he had been transfered a large city number account from a leaving player, which certainly exceeded mine.

I am sure there are better ones out there, but there we go
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I remember trying to start my own alliance at the start of Gela, I spent ages trying to build my own little MRA, keep in mind I was still a noob at this time :p So there I was trying to build this alliance, putting hours into it, then all of a sudden Wolf Pack takes an interest in it, and destroys it in no time. Most of my members were either rimmed, or ghosted under the pressure, I stayed on, and decided to join another alliance. It was about then that I hit a terrible string of bad luck, and it seemed as if every alliance I joined got dissolved, or broke apart. I think at one point I had changed alliances 4 times in a couple of weeks. It was then that Krypt decided to take me under their wing, and here I am :D


I came with a group of people who called themselves the Defiance. They were mad at how another world was being tended to, and I just wanted another world to try my hand at, so we ended up on Gela. Quite a few of them fell to the way side, or joining other alliances when the leadership started to bicker among themselves as to how to do things. I joined the team that I felt would do me right, and I was correct in this situation.


My favorite story happened on the rim when I was in GLoC. We were trying to move into ocean 66 against the "throne" alliances who had teamed up against us. The leader of all of these guys was Peezy The Great. He had a spy inside of our young alliance and was just killing us when we ran OPS and killing Morale overall in our alliance. My buddy Syrian Ashur came up with a plan and included 3 or 4 of us other guys in it. He decided he was going to run an OP in the forum for the spy to see. We ran that OP and only 5 out of 100 players new what the real plan was. We sent to the city in the OP with a fake attempt and it was LOADED. While we did that we ran to 2 other cities and both landed and succeeded. Peezy lost his mind and became forever a legend as a nutjob lol. Out of that we got some of our best players. Czar666 cratik Biktop PCP and others. It changed the game for GLoC. Was a real fun time in Gela and came a long way. Great people here even if u have krypt as your alliance name ;)


Ok a better one than my last offering. I have fallen in love a bit with Grepo, i have met some truly amazing and wonderfully diverse people. One of my favourites is Glad25, this guy had the brain of a scientist, the bank balance of a philanphropist and the work ethic of a calvinist. Quite quickly he became THE leader in "The Bish", he was everywhere and doing everything. He never topped a table, never had that many cities, he just worked, moderated, talked, wrote and just led. was like he was like your son. Not long after another player joined the council Neneena.......council skype calls were never the same afterwards. "a face that launched a thousand ships"? Neneena had a voice that would just melt them. As time goes on and Glad realised that he had far too much money in the bank to waste his time playing Grepo. He decided to go on a world tour from his base in Canada/America (its so easy to get those places confused if you have travelled abroad). First stop was Amsterdam (where the lovely Neneena) resided. I was actually a phone call away for joining them for the weekend, but something cropped up. It was a good job that i did!!!! The next thing i know they are living together, in a new flat with both of them on the tennancy. They have their own little love nest. The power of Grepo....


My best times in Gela was in "My Little Pony" by far the best alliance I have ever been in and was the most enjoyable Grepo time ive had to date.


Best time was waking up to having 5 cities of mine being conquered by Krypt on any given day, and then popping 4 of them.
Taking cities and losing cities was awesome. I enjoyed being on their team and being against them with my old guys.

Good battles, some of the most epic. I once killed a CS by sending 35 bireme. :)
I blocked a CS by activating militia 1 second before CS. :)

So...Krypt. Where are you guys going now? Will you start a new world when it opens? If so, let me know and let's all start same day and take it by storm.


Not sure if this forum is still alive, but I think I'll write my 'little' story here.

My main world, Theta, had just ended. A lot of us wanted to play a world together so we decided to join Gela. With a massive 133 members we created the alliance Army of Eternity. We were located in the oceans 45 and 55. We had a pretty strong core, but sadly a few more alliances were located here.

Very soon we entered a war against both OCEANS VETERANS and an other top alliance (who's name I can't remember..sorry..(they later partially merged with OV and split off into Vengeance). OCEANS VETERANS, always been a top alliance crushed us. We gave up the fight after merely 1 week. There was a merging offer on the table, which I (as leader) accepted. The best of our alliance merged into OV. I was given council access.

But through time more and more of the Theta Veterans quit. Until only +/- 20 guys remained, including me and my good friend (co-founder) Gautamgrg. In there we (or just me?) went through a hard period. Shortly after Krypteia went into war with OV and our northern lines were exposed. A bit later there were disagreements within the council (mostly between me and the others) and then thekindred (A guy I always respected) resigned as founder (because of lack of time, as I understood). Afterwards I just disagreed more and more with the council, on all matters. (pretty sure they can confirm :p ) After I returned from a 'forced vacation' (You all know what I mean (the word begins with Ban and it isn't Banana)), I was stripped from my rights from the council. This made me very upset, so I gathered my men (former AoE members) and talked about the situation.

It appeared they didn't feel very welcome either and so we decided to leave OV. Not all of us though, a few stayed behind. But they all remained friends until the end. Under the lead of Gautamgrg and I we left with a total of 8 members.

A few days later I decided to join Krypteia in their war against Oceans Veterans. Gautamgrg decided to join GooC and kept fighting Krypteia. Though this 'diplomatic status' didn't harm our friendship, as we kept in contact. Anyways...back to business.

Soon after I joined Krypteia OV was determined to rim me. Almost having succeeded in that they took away a big chunk of my cities. Though just in time I managed to 'jump' into safer waters. There it took a while to rebuild my forces and go into war with OV.

They were great opponents, and most of them were better than me. (which isn't hard to be. lol )
My best fight ever was with kindred, of whom I took a city after a long fight, and having lost a lot of troops. Without the help of my alliance mates I wouldn't have succeeded.

After that the story goes quite boring, so I'll keep it short.
I went deeper and deeper in Oc45. Then moved up against BorH and Vengeance. A lot of great fights etc etc..Boring boring...

Then the World Wonders arrived. With a great advantage on the others Krypteia started building them.
Our biggest opponents were Band of the Red Hand and GooC. We managed to block the BoRH WW with the help of Soul.Fire. He succesfully conquerred a city on the island.

Which still left us with GooC. But then one of their leaders (Don't remember the name, sorry) decided to turn against his alliance and to join Krypteia. Which gave us an advantage on the WW race. Though, I was very unhappy with this 'minor reshuffle'. I was convinced Krypteia would have won, even without the alliance change. Yet, I'm proud to be a Krypteian.

Soon after the WW's were completed I quit Gela out of personal reasons. I just started college so time was a little problem. Since that moment I started respecting my enemy SoxRox a lot! We had great conversations and next to Kindred he must be the worthiest opponent I ever had!

To end...

We had a great time, and perhaps we'll meet again! (not in Grepo though as Gela was my last world.)

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